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" linjuestionably the best sustained woik of the kindia the World." Harper's Magazine. ILLUSTRATED. lotices of the Press. The ever-increasmg circulntion of thia excellent monthly provea ita continued adaptationto popular desires and reeds. Indeed, when we think into how many homes it penetmtes, every month, we mubt consider it as one of the pducators as weil a ono of the entertainers of the public miud,- Boston Globe. The charaoter which thia Magazine poseeases for variety, enterprise, artistic wealth, and liternry culture that it has ktpt pace with, if it han not led the timea, nhould cause it conductora to regard it with justiflable complucency. The Magazine has done good and not evil all the days of ita life.- Broókbjn Eagic. Home oí the most popular of modern novela fiist appeared aa seriáis in thiB Magazine, tn all respecta, it is an excellent periodical, and fuily deserves itfl great success. - Philadtlphia ïs.dgtr. TERMS: Postale Free to all Subsrribers In the inlted States. Harper's Magazine, one year, $1 00 $4 00 includes prepayment of U. 8. Postage by the publishers. Subucriptions to Harpei8 Weekly, Magazine and Bazar to one addresw fur one year, $10 i0; or, two of Harper's Periodicals, to one addresa for one year, $7 00: poet age iree. An extra copy of either the Magazine, Weekly, or Bazar will be supplied gratis for every club o. flvefmbwcribera at $4 ('Oeach, in one remittanre or, six copies for $20 00, withoui extra copy: po tíi tic free. Back numbers can be supplied at any time. A complete set of Harper'a Magazine, now oom prieing 51 volumes, in neat cluth binding, will b sent by express, freight ut expense cf purchaBe for $2 25 per volume. Single volumes, by mai postpaid, $3 00. Cloth cases, for binding, 58 cent by mail, postpaid. A complete analytical index to the flrst Fift volumes of Harper's Magazine has just been pu lished, rendering availabïe tor reference the vas and varied wealth of inlormation which coustitute this periodical a perfect Uluntrated ltterary cyclo pedia. 8 vo., cloth, $3 00 ; half calf, o 25. tíon postage prepaid, A series of papers under tha title of " The Firs Century of the Republic," contributed by th inOï-t eminent American publicista, is now bein publÏ3hed in Harper's Magazine, Thia series o over twenty papers gives a comprehensive review of Progresa during the century now ciosing, i every dípartment of our national liie. NewspaperB are not to copy thia advertisemen without the expresa order of Harper & Brothers. Address HARPEH & BROTHERS, New York " A Repost tory off Fashion, Pleasure and Instruction. Harper?s Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. Ifoiices of the Prent. The Jiazar is edited with a combination of tac and talent that we seldom find in any journal ; juk the journal itself ie the organ of the greut wor; of fashion. - Boston TraveUr. The Bazar comraende itself to every merabero: the household - to the children by droll and preti picture, to the young ladies by it$ fashion-plate in endlesa varietj, to the provident matron by i patterna for the childrun's clothea, to jialerfamilia by its tasteful designs for ornamental slippers an luxuriouadreasing-gowna, But the reading matte of the Bazar ia uuiformly of great excellence. The paper haa acquirtjd a wide popularity for the fire sideenjoymnnt it affordu.- N. V. Evening Post. In il d way there is nothing like it. Fresh an trustworthy as a iashion guiae, its Htories and e says, its poetryandaquibs, are all invigorating 1 the mind. - Chicago Evening Journal, TERMS = Postale free to all Snbserlbers In th l'nlted States. Haiiper's Bazar, one year, - $4 00 $4 (X) includes prepayment of postale by thepublishers. Snbscription to Haepeb's Magazine, Weeklt and Bazar, to one address, for one year, $10 00 ; or, two of Harper's periodicala, to one address for one year, $7 00: postage free. An extra copy of either the Magazine, "Wekkly, or Bazar, will be supplied gratis for every club of Uve subpcribers at $4 OU each, in one remittance ; or, six copies for $20 00. without extra copy : postage free. Back numbera can be supphed at any time. The Animal Volumen of Harper's Bazar, in neat cloth binding, will be eent by exprees, iree of expense, for 7 00 each. A complete set, comprising eight volumes, aent on the receipt of cash at the rate of 5 25 per vol., freight at expense of purchaser. Prominent attention will be given in Harper's Bazar tosuch illustrations of tho Centonniol International ExpoHition as may be peculiarly appropriate to its columns. Newspapers are not to copy thia advertisement without the expres order of Harper & Bhütherh Address HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. EBERBACH & CO., DRUGGISTS AM) PHARMACBT, No. 12 South Main Streel. Ceeps on hand a large and well selected stock of DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS. DTE STUFF8, Artists' & Wax Flower Materials TOILET AETICLES, TRUSSES, ETC. PURE WINE AND LIQUORS. Special attention paid to the furnisliinK of Pliysieions, Chemlsts, Schools, t'to with l'hilosophical and Chemical Apparatus, Bohenüan (;heniical (ilusswiirc. Porc'ïlain Ware, Pvire Reagents, etc. Physicians prescriptiona cart'fully prepared at all hours. 1564 "11T A. luí í:.iim . TOBACCOlSriST, DEALS IX FLE CÜT & SMOKING TOBAMOS S.VUí't', PIPES, ETC., No. 7 East' Hurón Street, !f cxt to the Hpn.K office, ANN ARBOR, . . MICHIGAN. IT WILL Content You. What you wiiiji la ;i newspaper that will keep you iily Lnformed ofth6 D6wa of day, advise with ou upoD farm and Areside topics, entertain you vit h its vnriod reading in general literatura, det'ln vuur and fuinily with its di.sijiMsitioiiK ipon social and doniestlc topics, instruct and amuse hem by it (brelgn and domestlc corre.spoudencc, choice Btoriea, quaintcharaeter sketches, sparkling and wiity paragraphs, original and entertaffilng accounts of travel aud adrenture, oheae and pus zit' column, etc. AH the news, commercial, Kiitical ,iui general, and the cream of curient literature. A newspapur that will meet evory want and recelve a uordia welcome in evrry household. A newspaper con ceded by the press of every acetion to be onc of the most original and brightest of American journaR If You Want the est TAKE THE DETROIT MU PRÜ8S Subscription - Post-Paid. Daily Pree Press . $10.50 a yonr Tri-Weekly Frec Press 5 30 a year The Wcckly Free Press 2.00 n year Liberal discount.s to clubs. Specimen copy free. Send for oue. DETROIT FIIEE PRESS CO. DETROIT. M l( II. MICHIGAN'S FAV0RITE PA PER. THE DETROIT TRIBUNE PROSPECTUS FOR 187G. The Detroit Tribune will enter upon the new year thoroughly organized in all ita departnienta jind luily equipped to meet the wants of ita lurg and growin; constituency. The chance in the re] ative condition of parties, by whirh, lor the flra time in eigbteen yeata, the National House o Kepresenlatives will be at war with the Öenate uu the Executive AdminiatratiOD, and the approac of another Presidential canvass, will give fres interest to many public tuestions, wlneh will bc tiènted as tby iise with intelligence and candor The coming year will a'sobrinjr the centemiial au niveraary of many inttresting events inour eari; anuals, and will lurniah occasion for review am discussion of many tópica bearing upon th hiatory, prosperity and character of the nation It ia sure to be crowded with exciting cvents Buch as will elicit thO most absorbing and wid apread interest, creating au unusual demand fo the best class of newBpapers, among which TH DETROIT TRIBUNE stands foremost, ncknow edíring no equal in the State and but few outsid of it. The Preaidential eontest is certain to be the mos hotly -contested campaign that haa been fough since the organization of the Government Th Democratie party, long and justly excluded from power, but encouraged by Lheir successen in 1H74 will inoke a most desperate and dettiimined strug gle to get control of the National (iovernmeir Believing that the euccess of this orgnnizjttio would be a national calamity, The Tribune wi spare no energy of means or pen to prevent s direful a result. Main tuin in ; Kepnblicnn princ pies, such as it believea best for the general wc fare, and holding party organization as simply a agency to curry themiiito etfect in the administra tion of govemment, it gives to the República party au outspoken and heaity.but never blind am (iishooest, adhesión, Fuuits in policy and abuae Ín administra tion it will not be blow to point ou and eek to have removed, to the end that the peo pie shall be better served. It will labor unceasinj ly to cultívate such a public sentiment, and to di: fuee such general informa tion on all questlon of politics as sljall leail to a grand and 'lui ious Re publican iriumph, with which titly to enter upo the seeond hundred yearsof the life of the Repub lic. In the newa deiartment The Tribune will avai iteelf freely as heretofore, of telegTaplnc facilitie and Bpccial correepondents, for the purpose of giv ing the earlieut authentic news in the most attrac tive and readable torin. lts compilation of Mich igan news, largely gathered by lts own paid corres pondente, far surpasses in variety and extent tha furniöhed by any other Detroit paper. lts AüRicuLTUitAL departmeni bas only imita tions - nothinii tQual to it. Itsvalue isseeti in il voluminous correspondence from practical farmer and their wives. who make it their medium for ex changing views and intelligence. Ita Commercial Department embraces marke reports that cannot be excelled for amurucy, pre pared with the greatest labor and pains. so tha thcy can bc implicitly relied on. Itsstories, poelry and miscellany are uil selectec with the greatest care, and from the best attaina able pources.the design being to make The Tribun a mu t welcome, enjoyable and useful viaitor to every home. In short we aim to make As Perfect a. Newspaper aa money, long experience, practïced skill, a prld in the paper, and untiring zeal can possibly pr duce. ThatTnK Tribune will continue tö out strip all rivals in the completeness and excellence of its various editions, we intend theze ahall be n doubt about. The Weeklt Tribune, it ahould be borne i mind, is thelargest weekly paper in the State, be ing Etöht Columns larger than any of the othe Detroit papera, thus furnishing much more reac ing matter. It íb carefully edited, and. altogether has no equal anywhere in the West in point o real valué and general attractivoness ïn all its de partments. It will be kept fully up to its previou high standard, which has given it an immenscl wider circulation throughout Michigan than an other paper published either within or without ou borders. There is probably not a achool distric in th State where The Tribune Ie not to be fouiu The price of The Tribune in its various edition is as follows . Daily $10 50 per year, including po1 tape . $5 SO for six months ; $2 65 for three mónths Trl-Weekly, 5 30 per year, includiog postale $2 65 for six months; il 35 for three momhH Weekly $2 per year for single Bubsnriptious , $1 8 in clubs of fivcfl 72 in clubs of ten; $1 60 in clubs of twenty- all these pnces including pbttage,- which we have to pay. A large and elegant 'hui of Michigan (lower península), all ready to han unon the wall, is also given to every subscriber t The Wkekly Tribune for 30 cents exlia. Thi oflfer is made as an induceraent to new snbscriber and for renewals, as it price to anyone not a sub öcriber is l 50. Address all lettere to THE TRimWK. Detroit, Mich. THEWËKLY SUÏvT 1776. NEW YORK. 187 Eightf en hundred and seventy-six ie the Cen I i'iiin.-il yeur. It is ulso the year in which n Op position llouse of RtpreseDtativea. the ürut ine the war, will be in power in Washington ; nnd th year of the twenty-third election of the Presiden of the L'nited ijtatee. AH of these events aisure to be of creat interest acd importance, espec ially the two latler ; and all of them and every thing connectfd with them will be fully and ireah ly reported and expounded in The Sün. The Opposition House of Representativea, tnkini, up the line of inquiry opened yeare ago by Th Sun, will 'sternly and diligently investígate thi corruptions and misdeeda oí Gbant's administra tion ; and will, it is to be hoped, lay the foundation for a new and botter period in our national hietory. Of all this The 8i;n will contaiu complete and accurate accounts, lurnisbipg ita readers with early and trustworthy informatiun upon those absorbing topics. The twenty-third Presidential election, with the preparations for it. will be memorable aa deciding upon GnANT's aspiratiuns fora third term oí power and plunder, and stilt more aa decidin who shall be the candldate of the party of Keform, and as electinK that candidnte. Concerning all these sabjecta, those who rend The Sun will have the oonataut means of being tli roiufhiy well informed. The Wekkly Sun, which has attained a circulation of over eighty thouaand copies, already has its readers in every State and Terntory, and we trust that the year 1876 will see their tiumbers doubled. It will continue to be a thorouiíh newspuper. All the ireneral newa oí the day witl be found in it, condenaed whon unimportant, at full length of moment; and always, wc trust, treated ui a clear interestiilg and instructive manner. It is our aim to make tho Wkekly Sun the beat family newspaper in tho world, and we etiall continuo to give in its columns a larsre nmount of miacellaneous reading, such as atoriea, tales, noems acientinc intelligence and agricultural informat ion, lor which we are not able to raake room in our daily edition. The agricultural department eapeciallyia one of its prominent features. The fashions are also reularly reported in its columns ; and so are the markets of every kind. The Wkkki.y Sun, eight pase wiih fifty-aix broad columns, is only $1.20 a year, postale prepaid. As thia piice bmely repays the coat of the laper, no diacount can be mnde from thia rate to cluDs, agents, Postmattera or anyone. The Daily Sun, a largo four page newspaper of twenty-eiifht columns, givea all the news for two cents a copy. Subscription, pottage prepaid. S5c a montb or 6.50 a year. Sunday editiont extra, 11.10 per year. Yc have no traveling agenta. AddreM, THE 8UN, Xew Yoik City Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been marie in the condltionj of a certdin murtage made and executed by Sdraund Rlood nnd riarah E. Blood, hia wife, to "iliiam D. Jlarriman, aud dated the üïth d iy of nnuary , 1871, and recorded in the office oí the Heester of Deed for the Couuty of Wnshtenaw, in ie Stt,; of Michigan, in líber 44 of morlgages. agc 4-'i, ou Ihe 27tïi day oï January, 1871, at twn 'clock and furty minuten p. m. on that day, on rhich mortgtige and note accompauyinf? the name fiere i now due the sum of tlve hunnred and xy-aoven dolían und ninety wix cent principal and aterett and fqrty dollars ap an attoruey Jee. pro - vided for in said morte, by whieh default the wwer of sale ooutained in mud mortsage ïii-iH bis Mime opprative, and no proci-edingn Ín law oi lituicery having beet commenqed to recover the lebt wecured by said mortgagc, or any part thtreof : Notioe is hereby given that sala mnrtgage will be foredowd by the Bale of the mo tguged preni ws. tn-wit: Lot 4 in blOOk 0D.9, ím il ïsiuikVsccond ddition to the city of Ann Arbor, Waahtemiw Oounty, and Stut1 of MiahJg&n. Said h:i1u will ake place at tho front door of the Couxt Bouae, n the said city of Ann Arbor (( hal being the place where the Circuit Court lor tin; lounty is held] on he lith day of February, l7f, at 11 o'clock in ;he lorrnoon of said day, Dateü Ann Arbor, November 12th, 1876. W. D, UAKK1MAN, Zina P. Kino, Morigajíee. Att'y for Mortgagee. 156 Mortgage Sale. DKFAUL.T having been made in the condition of a eertain mortgage, made and executed by William Fitzgeraldnmi Mary Pitzgerald his wife, of Northtield, county of Wa&litenawt and Statooi Micbigun, on ili' Díñete nt.h day of September, in the year of our Lord öne thooaand eight hundred and öixty-five, to Jolin Lynch, of the saine place, and reoorded in the omce of the register of deeds for the county ot W asten w atoresuid, on the tenth day oí January A. D. 1666, at 3 o'clock P. U. 0Í said day, Ín liber ;,3 of Mortgaeres, on page U& ; which uaiU morteage was üuly aasijiued by John Lynch of the town&bip oi Northfleld. aforesaid, to Ttiomas Earl, ot the city of Ann Arbor, couniy and State aforesuid, on the thirteenth day of November, A. h. IH(7, and recordedin the office of the register of dceds for said liounty on the thirteeolh day of November. A. 1). 18Ö7( in líber number one ol assignmenta of mortgnges, on page 502 ; ann agaiu aMsigned by the BaiaTnomas Karlto Caroline 31. Hennequin, of the city of Aun Arbar, aforeaid, on the twenty-third day of December, 1875, and recorded in the othcc uf the register of deeda for aaidcounty on tho twtnty-seventh day of lecember, A. D. 1875, in liber number ve oí aastenmcnts of mortgagcs, ou page thirty-three, and that tnere is now claimed to be due and unpaid on said mortgage the surn of four hundred aud ninety-two dollar, including areasonable attorney's or t-olicitor's fee for lorecloèing the same ; and no proceedinga in luw or equitv having been had xo recover said sum of money or any part thereof, therefore-, notiee i hereby glvi n, that by virtuc of the power of Kale in said mortgage contnined, I shall Bell at public auction to the bighat bidder on the twenty-filthday of March, A. i. 1&76, attwd o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the front door of the court houte in the city of Ann Arbor, county ot Washtenaw. and stateot" Mi hiirautliat being tho building in which the circuil court for said couuty & held, ) the premiaes described in Haid mortguge. as beinif all tbal ctitain pieoe or paroel of land knovn and deMcibed aa follows, to-wit : The east huif of tlie south-west quarier of section -oumber three (3), in townahip numbor oue(l) south in rauge number six (6j east, beug in Norttitiild. in the county of Wnshtenaw, and S'ate of Michigan contaioing eighty acie.s ot land, more or Dated Drceniber 27th, 1375. CABOLINK M. HËNNSaUXH, Amigneeuf eaid Mortgagee. JohnM. Oott, Attoruey for the agsigneeol mxiá Mortyagee. Estáte of James G.Dancer. STATE OF MH llh.W, county of Washtenaw, sa. At asosaion of the Ptotaite for tlit county of Washteuaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Mondny the 0hird day of January in the year one thouwind eight hundred and seventy-ix. Freent, Noah vv. t Iheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of fcheestatB oí James (i. Üaucer, Minor. Sampson Parker, guardián of said estáte, comen into court aud represents thathe is now prepaied to sendcr his nceount aesnoh gaavdian. Thereupon it isordered that Fridnv tht twentyeighth day of January instant, at ton o'elock in tlit forenoon, be assigcnd for exainiuiug ml ullowing HUch account, and that the next of kinot said minor, and all othei persons Vnterested in said eetaxe, are required to appêar at u eeesionof aaid court, Üiun to be holden at the Probate office, inthe city ot Arbor, iu eaid county and show cautie, it' any títere be, why the said account should not be allowed. And it 8 further ordered that said guardián give notice to Ihe persousinterested Ín said e tate, of the peudenr.y ot said account an? the hearing thereof, by caut-iug a copy ol' this ordei to be publwhed in the Michigan Argus, a mwspnper pnnted and circulatinii in said county, two nuccesBíve weeks previous to ;nd d;iv oí heítnng. (Atruecopy.) NOAH V. CHEEVtR, 15ti4w4 Judire of Probate EHtate of George Wnnifr. STATE üK MICHIGAN, County of Wacibtenaw, ss. At a seasion of the Probate Court for the county of Wu&iitenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in ihe city of Anu Arbor, on Wednesday, the tweuty-nintb day of December, in the year one thousand eight huadre.d and sevonty-flve. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of iJ róbate. In the matter of the eatate of George Warner, decased On readiug and filinar the petition duly verifled, of Omer Warner, praying tliat an Admin siiutor may be appointed on the est.ite ol said deoeased Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the iwentyfourth day of January next. at ten o'clock in the loreuoou, be assigned tor the htariDu: of &aid petition, and that the heirs allaw ot S'.id deceased.and ii 11 01 her personé interetted in said estáte, ftr n - qñred to appear it a seswion uf aid court theu to be holden at the Prt'tmu; OfBee, in theóityof Ann Arbor, and show cause, f uny there be, why the prayer of the petitionov sbould not be gxanted : And it is further ordereii, chat said potitioner give notice to the persona intorosted ín said estáte, of the pendency of said petitiun, and the hearing thereof, by causin; : cojiy of this order to be published in the Michigan Anus, ü newspaper printed and circulated in said county, three succesaive weeks previoua to saiQ dny of heai ing fAtruecopy.) OAÜ W. CHEEVEB, l.j';i Judge of Probate. Mortgage Sale. WHEREAS, Huth O. Gregpry nul John V N (rejiory, her liusbaini, ui' the city Of Ann Arbor, i ii the county of Washtenaw in State of Michigan, on lourteenth day of October, to the year of our Lord one tlmusand "eight hundred and seveuty-four, executed a mortgage toRebecca Htiriquesof the city of Ana Arbprtoouniy of Washtenaw, Michigan, to secure the paj d ertáin principal and intert-st muiit'y thereln nientioned, which said mortgage was recoiided in the utïice ol the Register of Dewis in the covinty of Washteoaw aforesaid, on the 14th day of OctobVr A. D. 17 t. n liberiii of niortgages, on ]age -114. And where&s, dcfault bas been maae lor more than thlrty days In the payment öf an tnstalbnent of Lnteresi whtch became due on thr Uth day of April, a. D. 1875, by rcason whereof and pursuflnt to the termsof said mortgage,said mortgagee bereby efecto that so mach 01 Bala principa] as remains unpaid with all arrcarages of Interest thereof shall become duo and payable immediately. Andwhereas, there is clafmed tobedueund unpaid mi Baid oiortg age &t the date of this notice, eleven hundred and twenty dollars for principal and interest., also an attorney's fee .of fifty dollars in addition to ali öther legal should any proceedings be taken to fbrecloee the same; and QoSnitor proceédihga having been instituted either in law or equitv to recover the same or any part thereof. Notïce Is therofore b given.that onthellth dayofMaroh, I37G, attvro o'clock in the afternoon of aaid day at the front door uf the Court Hottse in thé city of a im .' rbor, coontv aforeaaid, (that being the place in which the Circuit Court lor said couuty beid), ftnfl by virmc of the power of salo coniaint-d insii'l nmri; shall sellat pobllc auction to the highest bioder, thepremisee describedin said uiortgage, tosatisfy the amount ot' principal and interosi wiih the chargen of sale anu thé attorncy'a fee of iiiiy dollars, all thaL i-ertain pieöe ot parcel of land sltnated in tbe city ot Ann Arbor, county of Wastaten&v, and stat o of Michigan, known, bounded,andde8cribed as foliows, to wit : Being lut onmber two (2) in block numboi bieren 1 1 l i uicock 8 addition tn city of Ann Arbor, acoording to th recoitled. plat thezeof. Dated, December U. 1875. REBECCA HENRIQUKS. Mortgagee. John X. iiim-, Attoroey lor Slortgagee. Real Estáte lor Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Couoty of Washtenaw, ts. In the matter of the estáte of Ulrich Laubengayer, deeeaaed. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of an order trranted to tbc undeibigne!, administrator of the 66 tate, of Baid l"irich Laubengayer, by t-n Son. Judge 61 Probate fbrtbe Góunity of waehtenaTr, on the twelfth day of January, A. D. L876, there wül soid ut public vendue to the highest bidder, at the dwelling house on the prr-mtses hereinafter d scribed, m the County of Wusditenaw insui-1 Btatö, on Monday the flrst dayaof Maroh, A. I. 1876. at ten o'clock in the forenoon of thut day (subject to all encumbraiici.'s by mortKuge or otherwisè existmg at the time of the deuth of suid deeeaaed, and tilso subject to the right of dower oi the widOW of aaid deceased thcrein), the tollowfng deacribod real Wtateto wit: The ea-st half of tl:e northwest quarter and the north twenty aciew of the west half of the noitlmusi; quarter ection number twenty tix : ftlso the wet half, and Qneen ncre-s otf f rom the north end of the eaut half oï' the wost huif of the southwtst. qaairter of hection No. twenty three, all tn towu tihree south, in range five enst fl.nlij in Ihe Btate of MichiganDatèui .January I2ili, A. 1. '-'-, 1565 COMftTOCK K.1I1LL, Adminiatrator. Chancery Sale. I!l'Ríl"ANT to and by virtue of an order oi theCirontt Court for the Couuty oi Wasbte naw, in chancerj , made on the thirty-lirst day of December, A. I). Mi75, in a oatlee therein pending, wherein Charles Thayer ïb comiil:iinnnt, and EJliah W'. Horgan, survivínií trustee of the Anu Arbor Land Compauy, i defendant : Notice is hereby giren, thut 1 shall sell at public vendue to the highoRt bidder, at ten oJcloi:k tn the forenoon on the 4th day of March, isrf, it tl e South door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, all the fcllowing dcbcribed lamls situnttd in the City of Ann Arbor, in Raid Couniy: I.ots 1, 2, 3, 1, .", and R, iu block nevón, range elght : also Iota 4. 6, 6,7,6,10, ü.aud 12, in block scon, and range nine ; alau, lot f in block scven, range eieren ; also, lot IU in block sevcn, rant'ö twelve ; imd alfeO, Iota 5, fi. 7, 8, and 9. in block aven range ton ; alao the south one quarter i f lot nine, in block jcw n, range nine ; and the tiianular iiecL' of land, bcing about three quarters of an acre, in the northeast corner of section thirty-two Dated, January LSth, 1876; 1506 J. F. LAWBBNCE, Circuit rpurtComniVWashteimw Co.. Mich. ; ii i:. ruit than THE CHJEAPEST OLDER THAN THE OLDERT ! His shop was tirst starled iit 1643. WANTED- 1,000 corda of wood. 1,000 bushoU of firát quallty of corn, In exchange for Saddles, Harness, Trunks, Traveling Bags, Robes, BlftDfeets, Wliijis, and Suckakin Ulwea and u i wil! sell sinjile baraesses frnm S8 lo halters from 20 cents toS2 00; tnmk and satchcls, for the licxt 30 days, atcust. Harneases, Truuka nnl Bags repaired at No. 9 Kust Uuron street. J. VOLLAND. Ann Arhor, Not. 18, 1875. ljüTm.'J


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