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Star Depths

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terly fails to realize the immeusity of space, and no one unaccustomed to the use of thetelescopecanhaveanyadequate idea of the difference presented by the heavens when viewed by the naked eye and mind of the astronomer. How difficult it is to realize that each star, in the aolomn depths of the universe, is a sun liko our sun, bnt separated one from eah other and our own by distances almost beyond the power of man to compute ! Only about 3,000 stars can be distinctly seen and counted by the naked eye, while an ordinary telescope reveals tho prosonce of something like 150,000. Herschel's great 18-inch instrument, it is estimated, shows 180,000, while the great Rosse telescope, by its vast penetrating power, is supposed to open to our visiĆ³n not less than 700,000! And yet, wlien the whole heavens are swept by this telescope, we have only penetrated a distance into space from our staiidpoint on this globe, whioh, when compai-ed to the immensity beyond is no more than the space occupied by the room where we read or write it, to the immensity of depth that is penetrated by the last mentioned instrument.


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