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A Parish Incident

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In a rural Presbyterian congrogation in the wostern tiection of Canada, the people, for various reasons, were desirous of a chango in the pastorute. A j meeting was called to oonsidor how the desired chango could be effected. All were agroed that though the pastor wus a learned, laborious, amiable, and excellont man, he was exceedingly prosy and unintoresting as a preacner. It was resolved, thurefore, that a deputation should be sent respectfully to aak him to demit bis charge. No ono was ready to undertake the diƱicult and delicate task. At last twp elders wore induced to go and talk with the minister about the matter. They went on their mission with no little trepidation, but were greatly relieved by the cordial manner in whioh the good minister recoived them. He listened quietly to their hesitatingly told story, and at once acquiesced in their desire that he would rosign. Elatod with tboir succoss, thoy hastened to report the results to tho people. All were greatly gratiried at the prospect of such an amicable arrangement ; and foeling some senso of gratitude to the minister for hig many years of service, and especially for his ready compliance with their wishes, they determined to present him with an address and a purse. A public meeting of the oongregation was held, at which the pastor was invited to be present, an address was read to him oontaining strong expressions of appreciation and gratitude for his manifold labors and of strong personal affection for himself, and the purse was hamled to him as a token of their continued esteem. On rising to reply, the pastor was deeply moved, and spoke with a faltering voioe. He stated that, inrluenced by the statements of the elders who had called on him, he had resolved, at much expenso of feeling to himself, to resign his charge. Pausing for a moment, as if ovorcoine with emotion, - not a few of the tender-hearted betraying thoir sympathy with him, - he went on to say that in view of the affectionate and touching address he had just received, so very numarously signed, and accompanied by so generous a gift, he feit constrained to abandon his purpose, and would therefore reniain with them, and devote his future life to the best interests of a people who were so warmly attached to him, and who so highly valued his hutnblo services. The reply was so obviously dictated by genuine simplioity that no one at the time had the courage to rise and explain. That minister is still pastor of the same parish. The incident transpired some 10 or 12 years ago, and


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