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A Word For The Women

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We do not hesitate to say that th average woman, educated in the bette class of schools in this country, is a botter scbolar, and a more capable am aooomplished person than the averag college gradúate of the other sox What we want is cheaper schools of an equal excellence. The farmer's bo; goes to college, finds cheap tuition win8 a scholarship, perhap boards in conimous, earns money during vacation and gets through, while his sisters sta; at hume, because the only places whei she can get an equal eduuation are ex pensive beyond her means. There is n college that needs to be so richly en dowed as a woman's college. Womeu are not men, quarrel with the fact as w may, and they cannot get along so cheaply and with self-helpfulneBS a men, while going through the proces of their education. If we are to hav women'g colleges we must have well paie professors, philosophical apparatus cabinets, collections, art galleries, lab oratories, and they must be providec for by private muniíicence. Provisión should be made for the poor, so tha high education shall come within the reach of all. There is not a woman's college, or an advanced public institu tion for the education of women, tha is not to-day in need of a large endow ment for the purpose of bringing it advantages within the reach of thos whose means are small. Now, we commend this matter particularly to rich women. There are many scattered up and down the country, who are wondering what they shall do with their money when, and even before they die. To all these we beg the privilege of commending this great object. Let the boys alone. They have been pretty well taken care of already, and the men will look after them. It is for you, as women wishing well to your own sex, and anxious for its elevation in all possible ways, to endow these institutoras that are springing up about the country in its interest, 80 tbat the poor shall have an equal ohance with the rich. Tou can greatly help to give the young women of all classes as good a chance as their brothers enjoy, and you can hardly claim a great deal of womanlv feelinar if vou


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