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Onyx Mines In Nexico

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few days an extraordinary rich and unique colleotion of speoimens of onyx froni mines reoently discoverod iu Mexico, has arrived in this city and are now on exhibition at an up town Broadway store. The specimens are of the fineBt kind, embracing every variety of the mineral. The mines have been known to the Indians for centurios, but were only recently discovered by the whites. Hitherto onyx has been found in such quantities as to be only serviceable for stnall ornamente, but it is claimed that the mines yield so elegant architootural purpose. - New York TrĂ¼mue. Every fnRhionable womnn in Paris bangs to her belt an alms-bag, a fan, a card-caRe, a pocket-book, an mbrella, a turnip watch, ishion, some ivory ablets, and a littlfi mirror. And the sons of women liko these are expected x knock the nonsense out of Germany some day. Evebt mfin 8honld havo Rometliinp; to lo, even if it is only sitting on a stool ehind the bars in a country jnil and countiiig the minutes before diimer.


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