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A yoving larly of twenty rrjpíted an oíd gentleman' of menns, her decisión intensely disappointing him. TLe thonght the nvitter over and songht a private interview, wlien he aasnred her that his attaclimeut. was not selfish, tbat he was ready to niake nny sacrifico, to do anything witliin his power to contribuía to her happiness ; and fnrtlier, that if her afl'i-ctious were fixed on sny one wbose wealth might not be adequate to his good fortune, he was rendy by a settleraent of one hundred d pounds to place her happinesd in her owu power 1 The lady looked nf him fnr n. moment in surprise, sravi him her hand in toteu of appreeiii'ti ". Büd Ihanked him for his disinfei-psted generosity. When she Teas ttloon she pondérëd over this experienoe. Hnch a proof of disinterested attnrhraent wns perfectly nndeniable, üiiil he more she thonaht of the matter the tnore interesting; did the gentleman grow in her eyes. Ile was received the next time she saw liim, at her father's honse, With Riieli encournsfing smiles that he was led to speak once more of the arilor df his lovp, ami with so mmh effect thut the hnppy day was soou decided njitin bet een them. If this little affivir had not ocenrred n ti:i aristocratie eircles of Belgravia, prubiilily the world wonld never have linonn the particnlar of this verj happy aud romantic niai-Hage.


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