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The World's Steam Power

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Dr. Engel, Director of the Pnwíiáfl Statisticaï Bureau, bas endpavored. with only partihl suceess, to fliid ou' the amonot of Bteam power iu nse in the world. The returns for stationarj steum engines include only old and bar tiaF reporte for five couutries, inclucling the United States, Gront Biitaiu, aiiü Trance. ïhe number of engines in fivp countries, acoonling to reports, sorne of whicb were prepaied in 1860, was 121,755, and the horse power 2,701,880. Dr. Engel estímate that there cannot be les than 150,000 statiouary eagiaes. with from two to tb ree aud a half millions of horse power, iu the world. The returns with referente to looomotives and tbeir power are tnuch fuller, althongh they also are incomplete, and Borne of them dated four years ago. The total numl'Br of locomotivos embraced in these returns is 45.467. It is estimated that there are at least flfty thouaand locomotive, -with an aggregate of ten million horse power. The ocean steamers, according to the returns, number 5,255. The estimated horse power of stenrn etigines, stationary, locomotive, and mariue, is 14,400,000. The Unitpd Stfrtps leada the world ín the number of its statiouary and looomotive eiifrines, but Great Britain is oredited with havtng more totmage than all the rest of the world. ïhe effect of the greiit use made of steam power is snid to have been shown in a greatly dimiiiished rftte of increasein the nnmber of horses raiseel in Enropeau eonntrieR, bnt no returns are given. In tlio United Stütes there were 4.33G.000 horses in 1850; 6,245,000 .m 1860, and 7,145,00:) in 1870. The rate of increaso from 1850 to 18M whs 44 per cent., but from 1830 to 1870 it was only 14 per Ctíllt.


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