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A Canine Cleptomaniac

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A Green Island man has a ■wonclerful dog. Either by patiënt teaching or by natural instinct he steals whatever lie can piek vip away from home. He will sneak into a grocery store, and suddenly dashoiï with a mop between his teeth or a senil lung brasil or broom, or anything of lÏRlit woight If anyone places a paek;i!;e witliiu reach, the dog will covert I y f:r.ili t and run, ulways taking the booty lióme, aud expecting to be encounigoil ni his pilfering. He uppai'ently h f;nat prille in his accomplishni'-nt, uil -11 uot associate with other dns, imt koeps studiovisry apart by hinisolf, aiul is often found gazing into vacaney, as if maturiug a marauding expcúUtíuu or concocting a daring theft. Ho ill somotimes be absent from the house all night, and in the morningthe carliost risor of the household willtincl him crouched on the rear stoop iuvariably with booty of soine kind and generally of some value, in his possession. The dog has become so generully kuown, and liis reputation so bad, that storekeepers will not allow him to lounge near their doors, but drive him away on his first appearance. Mai'wilous stories are told of his strengt li. mich as his theft of a half qwmtal f eodlish from a gi-oceryman, a bag of iHiofesliot from a hardware store, and n small Kh'dge from a bkeksmitli shop. TIn) niKft wonderful acliievomoiit was the carrying o(ï of a thirty-pound Qrkin of buttor from a farmer's wagon. How the animal tugged it home is not known,


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