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- Tbis is what that model Deraoorat, Thos. H. Benton, said iu 1837 : "1 havo repeatedly given it as my opinión that tho Frenoh currency is Iho best in tho world. It has hard money for tho governmoiit, hard money for the ooinoion rtealings of the pëople, and large notes tor large transactions. This cur; ronoy has enabled Franco to staud two invasiOns - two changos of dynasty, and the payment of a milliard of contributions, and all without any commotion or convulsión ia trade. It bas saved her fronv tho revulsions which haye aifected England and America for so many years. It has saved her froin expansious aud contractions, and ruinous üuctuations of prices." Aud aftor another destructivo and losing war it bas again saved France. In 186" Mr. Blaine proposed an amendment to a tben pending bill, of which Thad. Stevens said : " It Iets in a vast number of rebels and shvts out nóbody." And again, " It is a proposed step towards universal amnesty and universal Andy-Johnsonisin." In the last Congress, Mr. Speaker Blaino, as chairman of the Committee on Rules permitted a bill to be reported whicb oonferred full amnesty and pardon upon overy rebel, not excepting Jeff. Davis and then permitted a Republican House to pass it without his opposition. These being facts, the late speeches of ex Speaker Blaino remind us of Butler' parody on a famous couplet. "Fo ways that are dark and tricks that aro vain, I name Speaker Blaine." We commend the following sen tence from the Pbiladelphia Press (For ney's paper) to those Kepublican jour nalists in this State who throw ver small pebblcs at the new Mississipp Senator: "Mr. Laniar is a gentleman of tho best type of the post rebellioi Democrat, and would probably hav been the cboice of the Northern peo pie had the selection of a Mississipp Senator from the Democratie ranks been left to them." But, to elect a Democra at all, that ia what sticks in the erop o those exceedingly " loil " men who hav forgotten that the war closod over ten years ago. - The funeral of the late Vice-Presi dent cost the city of Boston $900, o wbich $400 was for decorating Faneui Hall, 1250.50 for carriages for the " cit fathers,'1 etc. The cost to the Nationa Government is not yet reported, no tbat to municipalities botween Wash ington and Boston. The tax-payers many of whom find it difficult to pa; for "just a docent funeral," foot th bill. Isn't it time such display at pub lic expense was stoppod ; and shoulc not aldermen, and other public function aries.'pay for their own rides like ordi nary mortals ? - Ex-Gov. Moses bas been tho ido of the Republican party of South Car olina, is the member of the Eepublican National Committee for that State, ant but for the " obstinacy " of Gov. Cham berlain would now be peddling out jus tice in partnership with Whipper. Am yet, General Doubleday being a truth ful historian, tbis same Moses is tb man who raised the palmetto flag ove Fort Sumter at the time of the surren der. Where was the patriotic Blain when Moses was whitewashed 'i - The Senate, on Wednosday, passer the House bill amending the Xaturali zation laws, or rather " correcting mistake " made by the compilers of th " Revised Statutes." Tho amendec bill authorizes " declarations of iuten tions " to be made beforo the clerk, a prior to tho revisión, and legalizes suc' declarations as havo been so made u the time of the passge of the innend ing law. - The counsel of Stokes is makin the circuit of the several Suprem Court districts, endeavoring to find judge wbo will give bis cliënt a writ o habeas corpus and a discharge. It is defective judicial system that will per mit one judge to review the acts or re verse the decisions of another judge o equal juriBdiction, or even to select hi judge without regard to territorial o district limitation. - The Democrats of the Ohio nous voted for a disabled soldier, residont a the Old Soldiers' Home, Dayton, fo one of the clerks, a soldier oonfessedl; well qualified for the position ; but th Republican majority electod a hale anc bearty colored man, who never smollec powder. And yet the Republicau never tiro of howling over the sins o the Democratie majority in the Hous at Washington. - Tbe Flint dlóbe doesn't like th votes of Mr. Durand on tha Amnest; bill, and is quite confídent that th beaten Begole wouldn't havo given an; such votes. And isn't tbat the very rea son why Begolo wasn't ro-elected Wanting a chango the district electec Mr. Durand, and we presume tbat tha gentleman will ask neither Mr. Begol nor tho Globe bow bo shall vote. -That New York " Grey Nun bill which has divided the Republican an athemas with tho Ohio " Goghan bill, was introduced by a Republican Sona tor - Tobey - representing one of the strougest Republican districts in tbe State. And yet tho Ropublicans have sougbtbard to make pelitical capita out ot' its passage into a law by a vote having no political signifiuance. - " The bloody shift : " that is wha the modest editor of Uarper's Weekly styles tho under-garment which is tho gonfalón of ex Speaker Blaine and his political backers. Morton has a dupli cato of the samo " shift," and wbicb goes down before tbe other is what don't trouble us in the least. -The Senato has a bill croating a commission to inquire into tho manufacturo and traffic in alcoholio liquors, with a view, according to an amendment proposed by Judgo Christiancy, to proper regulation in tho District of Columbia and tho Torritories. - On Wednesday tbe Houso p.issed a bill restoring tbe postage on all third class matter to the old rate, one cent for each two ounces,- or eight cents a b., packages being liuiited to four jounda. - And now Grant bas again decided ot to run tor a third term, and has for nally advised Senator Conkling of his eoision, pledging hiinself (V) not to aoept a re-nomination. This Iets Conkng loose, and ho " has formally avowed lis own purpose to bo a candidato, and ïas begun the organization of his camaign. Modest Conkliug. -Gen. Williams, of the Detroit disrict, has introduced a joint resolution ;o so auiend the Constitution as to prolibit Senators and Kepresentatives in Jongress from recominending applicants 'or office, and to provide for a civil service commission. - The Prohibitionists have callud a ííatioual Convention to be held at Cleveand, to nominate candidates for President and Vice-President. Zack Chandler is understood to be a candidate for ;he rirst place on the ticket. - They have all got it : the Detroit dailies we mean, and libel suits are what thpy've got, - the Free Pres, the Pont, and the News. Tho Tribune is wailing over ita poor luck and praying for lightning to strike. - $113.67 : that is the amount of the bill Ingham County renders against the city of Lansing for an unnecessary Bession of the board of suporvisors, culled and held to extend the time for collecting taxes in that city. - Stabbing Grant : the Kansas Legislature resolviug against a third term and thanking Congress for defeating general umnesty. Grant wants ono anc has ropeatedly recomruended the other - Unavoidably absent : " that is the phrase in which a wag of a newspaper reporter excuses Gen. Babcock for no discharging his usual duties at a recen White House reception. - David H. Jerome, of East Saginivw ex-Stato Senator and brother of George Jerome, of Detroit, Chandler's righ bower, hos been appointed a meinber o the Board of Indian Commissioners. - The Republicana of the Maiue Leg islnturi! have resolved in favor of the nomination of Blaine for President. The Now York Sun styles Blaine " the Resurrectionist," and af ter tracing him through the vaults of the Inquisi tion and the trenches of Andersonville and making him plant "his skeleton fa in advance of Mr. Morton's blood; shirt," the Sun marks out work for some rising Nast as follows : " Iu case Mr. Blaine succeeds in getting the Republican nomination by inaking the loudes and coarsest bid, tho country artist wlio wil paint his picture lor the campaign banners will have the opportuuity of his life. Let him draw the tigure of a well-fed and somewha corpulent gontleman, his capacious pocket tillcd with protrudiug documente labelet " Credit Mobilier Sharcs," stooping and indus tnously clawing open a secluded grave, ove which the grass has grown groen and th fiowers have bloumeJ through many a year o peace." Speaking of his (Blaino's) " blowing tho embers of dying sectional passion, and armiug " with a glowing brand to burn his mother's chureb," the Sun also says: "He might have remembered his grandfathe Ktihraiiii, the pious beef contractor of tho rev olutionary war; he might have remembered the long line of aucestors who have fallei asieep in the iaith agaiust which he agitates he might havo remembered his mothcr, home and baptism, or even those maiden aunts wlio with the Sisters of Charity, still prosecute their self-imposed mission of healing and mercy under the ecclesiastical authority whic] lie affects to dread ; he might have remem bered any or all of these ; hut if he did, the; were dismissed as trines which his vaultinj ambition would not brook." Yes, " as trifles." Blaine let nothing weigh against tho succeRS of the Repub lican party in the coming campaign,- 8uccess which he imagined his own This success could not be insured unies he or some other political magiciai could revive the dead issues of a war closed ten years ago. Determined to bo that magician ho forgot every thing else and struck straight from the shoul der. The clerk of Mr. Morrison's Committee on Ways and Means, who has been charged wit] naming one of b's children John Wilke Booth, in honor of Mr. Liucoln's assassin, de nies it. He says he called him John Wilkes after the celebrated Englishman, and that the neighbors added the name of Booth. This i so ingenious au explanatiou that it looks doubtful.- Detroit Post. Decidedly an " ingenious " if not a fair and honest attempt to explaiu awa; the aforesaid clork's " explanation.' What the clerk says is this : "I had a son bom in 1866, who died in 1872 named Johu Wilkes, aíter a brother and uncle who bore tlie honored name of the great En glish commoner. I have not now, nor eve had a child or anything else named John Wilkes Booth, although this child was some times jocosely called Booth, because a neighbo had a child named Abraham Lincoln." The Post and other Republican jour nals are hard-pushed for capital if com polled to rosort to such scandal anc trickery. Can't a child be given a family name - the name of an uncle anc great uncle - without being bespattered with Republican mud ? TnE CENTENNIAL appropriation bil ($1,500,000) passed tho House on Tuesday, by a vote of 146 to 130. 88 Republicans and 59 Demócrata voted for the bill, and 107 Democrats and 23 Republicans against it. The Michigan dologation was divided, Messrs. Bradley Hubbell, and A. S. Williams voting yes and Messrs. Conger, Potter, Waldron Willard, and W. B. Williama, no. Mr Durand was absent, - in Detroit. The Democratie opposition was grounded on constitutional objections, with the presont need of the utmost econemy in appropriations. - -mM -- +-- - But if Ohio will not insist upon a bad platform, as she did when the nomination wont to New Jersey and Gen. McClellan ; if she will not insist upon a New Yojk candidate not prosented by the Demecrats of this State, as she did in 1868 ; if she will not insist upon forcing a New York Republican candidate down the throats of New York Democrats, as she did Mr. Greoloy in 1872 ; ij' Ohio Vemocrats will only jusl once cnrry their State against a Republican President, as they have never yet done, and be contcuted to contrilmte that one item to the final result, nowhere else ineddling or inarring, the victory is secure. - New York Herald. - -44 ■►- Robert Dale Owen writes to the secrotary of the British National Assoeiation of Spiritualists that his lato illness was duo to overwork, and adds : " For ;wo years and a half previous to my llness in May last I had been a suf'erer from dyspepsia causing weakness and depression. These, by rest, watercure and milk diet, have been entirely removed, and I am now in excellent lealth - better than I haye been for five rears past."


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