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A Severe Winter In Russia

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A letter trom Bt. Petersburg, dated the 2!)th of December, in the Debata saya : " The exeessive and ahnost oxceptional rigoi of this winter scems to have thrown a veil of sadness over this capital, and iced the political life as woll as the mundane ploasuros of the season. The thoruiooieter uiarks 32 dogrees centígrado below point, 15 0-10 degreos Fahrenheit below zero) ; ;he lampa givo only a vague and insufficient light ; the wheols of tho vehicles olling on the snow produce a horrible crunching, unknown to inhabitants of Hioro températe zonos; the faces of the unluoky cab-drivurs aud workmen who are obliged to face that polar air pre sent nothing moro than a blue surfaoo urrouuded with ioicles. Foot passenjers go at full run, covoring tho t'aoe vith tliiok fur. Conversation turns olely on the state of the atmosphere. lIio bead becomos heavy, and at last anguor overcomes every oue in spito of hu artificial heat of tho etove."


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