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Where Harvard Students Came From

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President EHot, in bis annual report of Harvard Colloge, says : " Por the past six years a tolerably complete record has been kept of the oecupations or employments of the fathers of the young men who have becouie members of the College. The suinmary of this record shows that a sinall proportion of these famlies can be called rich ; the greater part are ueithor rich nor poor, and the proportion of the poor, though sinall, quite equals that of the rich. The sons of widows coustantly nuinber trom one-soventh to oue-sixth of the whole college. The table shows additional evidence of tho fact, which the triennial catalogues of the oidor American colleges prove beyond a donbt, that high oducation is hereditary in this country, as in all others, or, in other words, tho table shows that it is ckiefly the people who tkeinselvus have trained miuds who desire tnorough training for their children, and are able to procure it for them. Culture is much surer to descend to children than wealth, bücause the natural torces of hereditary transinission are on its sido. Tho number of school districts in New York is 11,995 ; number of schoolhouses, 11,788, valued at $20,000,000. Tho nutnber of persons in the ötato between the age3 of five and twenty-one is 1,683,064, of whom 1,059,238 attended the common schools, 104,-644 private schools, and about 40,000 wcie in colleges, academina and normal schools. The averago daily attendanccs in the common schools last year was 531,834. Nuarly 30,000 teachers wor employed at an expense of $8,000,000. The total paymont on account of commou schools amounted to $18,000,000. Adjtitant General Robertsow hasissued a general order to the State troops, making it obligatory upon them to per'uct theinsolvus in target practico, aud nyintr down the rules aïid regulatious 5y which they shall bo governed in so doing. Tho order and accompanyinpf diagrarns have boen neatly printed in lamphlet froiu, and a copy will be fsrnished to each soldier in the State service.


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