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sometimes blamed tor doing their duty, because the people do not understand the lawa and regulations which govern matter of the Second and third classes, which include all raailable matter except letters, postal cards book manuscripts aud book proof. We print' below a few extracta i'rom the postal laws, for the information of the people. Page 167, Sec. 86.- Matter of the seooud and third classes, containing any writmg whatever, except the address, will be charged with letter postage. Page 173, Sec. 122.- It is the duty of the postmaster at the mailing office, as well as at the office of delivery, carefuliy to examine all printed matter, in order to see that it is charged with the proper rate of postage, and to detect fraud. Boe. 123. - If postmasters cannot mako the examination without destroying the wrapper, they will rate the package w'ith letter postage and collect the same on delivery. Sec. 24- Postmaners will collect postage at the rate of three cents for each half ounce, on auy newspaper or periodical so marked or written upon as to give any other iiiformation than that container! in the print. The same charge will be made where it is so inclosed that it cannot be examined without destroying the wrapper. The same rule applies to any other matter which may be sent at less than letter ra tes. A ruling of the departmont says: "If a mailing postmaster fails to do his duty in rating up additional postage on mail matter insufficiently prepaid, such inadvertance does uot relieve the postmaster at the officeof de livery fronx the duty of collecting the amount due." A ruling relative to postal cards says : " Anything whatever, except a.n address, written upon the side of a postal card which contains the word " write the address on this side, the message on the other," renders it unmailable as a postal card, and it cannot be forwarded unless prepaid at letter rates. But if by inadvertence the card reacties its destination without such payment it is chargeable with doublé letter rates, uuder Sec. 152, page 64." The members of the Episcopal Church in the State of Michigan may rejoice together that they have two fine Boarding Schools for their chüdren at Fenton- Latimer Hall, for boys ; Ridley Hall, for girls. The latter will be opened on Feb. lst and 2nd with appropriate exercises. We are requested by the Rector of the Schools to invite those interested in this work to be present at that time. The order of exercises is varied and pleasing. Be sure to attend, if you can ; and if you cannot, send some pupüs ; or at least mquire into particulars concerning the schools. Rev. L. W. Applegate, the Rector, will gladly give ful1 information. The Saline Oracle gives the shipmeuts from the station in that village tor the year ending Dec. 31st, 1875. Some of the items are : Apples, 14,691 bbls. and 7,000 bushels ; dried apples, 77,736 lbs.; eider, 1,268 casks or 51,720 gallons; butter, 55,776 lbs.; beans, 100 bbls.; dressed hogs, 80,480 lbs.; wool, 150,787 lbs.; corn, 55,398 bus.; buckwheat, 13,238 bus.; oats, 36,000 bus.; wheat, 35,200 bus.; flour, 852 bbls.; lumber, 182,000 feet. There were 330 car loads of miscellaneous freight ; 487 empty beer kegs (came in ful], probably) ; 75 bags of clover seed ; 4,361 head of sheep ; 135 of neat cattle, and 531 hogs.


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