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His Last Cent

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cent cif;arís?" "Yes, K-'r," roplied tho elrrk. "JTave yon nny for ten conts ?" "Yes, sir. " "llave yon any for íilVrn cents?" pnraned tho would-be purohaser. "Yos, ir, we lwe," saitl the clcrk, luí lie baude I put '.e box. "" oiild yoti líiUii n ffeflöw slaat cont for a öigflfc V" rnther iudignuiitly quoried the onstomer. "Yes, I woultl I snappislily rcturned the clerki "Woll, thnroitia," Rolemnly said the stranper, a-s he depooited one cent on the conutnr añil walked olf with a flfteenceiit oigar. A TOW in TTniTTriry fefls 1ir"ii tílTficl as followa ly a ooutfáctut for a debt duo liim for pnyemeuts: Each f ito 1,900 inhabitants is to givé him an L daily diuillg six yeavs, uraiig him in all 1,l('il,()(0 cfgi. 'i'licre aro ritioi, bij; aiftl Kí í lo, in afiievica wfiicti woulcl uke toget one cgff n ilay Fl'om coutractors who owe fchem for uavoiueuta Oík ogg is boller tliau tía qgg. O;.r of the promisinp; si;rna of n pood tiuie comiag ú onr politics is to be seon in this fdct : Tn Jliunesata the republicana nre actuallv talkiog of ntidlHnK a man the nest Oovprnor of tlint Statn because he is raident and "cannot raak a speech wheu he hxi. natliüi to aay."


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