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National Cotton Statistics

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The Dopartment of Agriculture has compleíed a compilalion of the official returns tor the past uionth, and tinds oorrect tho jenoral asMimptiun of a luwer yicld of lint. in [ri.'portion to seed cotton. Oiily ArkaiiBan aud Texas report a larger propotion thmi 1874. The Atlantic States, whicb havo previously m ule no estiunates of tho aggregaie production, uil return b smaller yield of lint to seed in counparison witb previous crops and none of them over 30 pouuda to each 100 puunds of seed. Tbe average deurcase in all tlie States is 4 per cent. This redurtion is attriljuted in mest oasea to exeessive uioisture and the recult of imperfeot development of tbe boíl; and in S'ime to the efftictg of oirly drouth in preventing nmturity. Cotton grown iu ttelde heavily dressed witb commercial fertilizers Í8 found to have a groater proportionato develop ment of seed tban of lint. Ttie average quality of fiber is soinewhat lower thun lust jteML Arkansas and Texas furnish tbe only pxceptions to this siatement. Tbougb the avenige dt;pruciittion is sligbt in Louisiana and Alabuina, it is greatest iu M ississippi and the Atlantio Stat-s. The proportion of tbe erop gatbered on the lst of December was 90 per cent., reported Hsfollow8: North C irolina, 89; South Carolina, 95; Florida, 93; Georgia, 92; Alabania, 87 ; Mississippi, 75 ; Louisianrt.SJ; Tuxas, 94; Arksusa, 76; Tetinessee. 78. Iu amilyzmg the monthly cotton re port of the season tbe average condition frou June to October is made 9'4 per uent., attainst 83 in the same period of 1874. Ttiis would indícate a erop of about 4,40u,0()0 bales. With an cqually favorable atitumn and an qual propor tion of lint, the loss of 4 per cent. in the yield of lint malees a reduction of 17ü,000 bales, and lbo differente in inaturint; aiid gatbering, since October, poirits to a iurther reduction of from 2 to 4 per cent., with a margin of 100 - 000 balts for eontinge.ncies. After the fitst woelc in December the season's reports taken togetht'f, indícate a erop of not leR8 tban 4.050,000 bales nor inore thau 4,150,000.


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