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German Railway Traveling

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Charles Dud'ey Warner writes to the Hartford Courant: " The Germán railwrays are not intended for tlirough travulers. The railway liiitís laid upon the map look like a lace put.tern - there are no straight linea. You are always going round to cali at Bouie town or another, which is uninteresting fot a strauger who has no friends in the town. Not more than one express train a diy seems to go in any direction, and all the others are as slow as a New England deacon's horse un Sunday. However, I don't mean to ooniplain of Germán railwuys - they are safe aud couifortable ; if you want speed and damages you Americana know where to go. A compartment oí the second-clas, holding eight persons, in a Germán carriage, is a snug place for a winter ride. It is so well upholstered that you can ride on the seats without fatigue, and sleep at your ease. The compirtmeut of the first class i in the same carriage, and differs only in a little more luxurious upholstery. For winter travel, when there ig notbing to spe, these coinpartments are very nice ; í'or slimmer I prefer an American palace car. But when the wind laves over a desolate oonntry there is a feoling of smigness in these little apartiutmts. The windows are all closud, evcrybody lights his cipar, the lacy, if one happens to be i„re8ent, does uot evsr think of saying that she likes sraoke, - that is taken for granted, - and soon the air is so tluck that you might imagine yourself i 11 a beer-hall, efjoying yourself to the utmost. Not that you are obliged to lide in smokt! ; on proliably all the trains there are coiupartments distinct ly set apart for the uou-smokiiig, and íjeneraily t'iere is a separate compartmeut tur ladies."


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