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Cuttings of luany planta crin bo readily shirted in winter, and in the early spring, and if you have not a grei.n-lmuse or hot bod, it ia the safest plan. Fill soiue small bottles or phials with wartnish water, remove the lower i'itvcs of tho cuttings (to be eure that you have a bud at the base) and put tin-m in water; hang up ihe vials to the window sash, tying a string about the tieck tor thnt purpose. If cotton vool is put about the neck of the bottle, it will prevent evaporatiou of the water. As soon as the roots are au inch long, the cuttings should be tranpplanttd, taking care to spread the roots as they grow in the water. Some fill up the bottle with rich earth, let it dry off tor two or thri'e diiys, and then break the glas8 and or plant tbe cuttings without disturbing ita roots in the least degree. Tbia is the most certair. wtiy of obtaining plants trom cuttings. - Western farmer. The New H.iven Board of Education has voted to have tbe New Haven schools represente at the Centennial JExhibition. The plan now is to have every pupil in the city make thrcu specimens of tree-hand drawiug under the instruutious of the teacher, from which to makt! selections suñicient tor a gooil siztd map drawing aml peninanship; also i'urnish blimk rcports show ing in a general way the uiiiuuer of conductiug the ohoola. An item is jroiii'T t ho rrmndii nlmnf. n girl 1 injf fiom tilit. liioiii.ü'. Au (■Jil.i.r, commL'iiiiii;: pn the faot, savs: "The.- corneta should lie done awny with, fiqcj ii the pirls can't live wiihout üeing scjueezed, we Bnppoae men onn lie fuiind tó snorifloe themRelves. As old r's we me we ivonlil ruthor ■dvoti tlirtto honrs a diiy, wi hout a farthingto p:iv, asa lrovct ciirsi'f, th.m to soe tlnjse pirls dying o II' in tliut iiiauucr. OiUce hours ulujust any time." A WiscoNStN lady opnifid u matrimonial iiilclli;;i'noií oiii'e rrcciitly, lint Blie raarrie3 tlie first mun who iioplied, and tlie cjucern carne to a speady end. Pítsta Anna lui'. ,i lust his mothériu-iaw, and no man with a wooden leg who has not lost a mothoi-in-law can imagine the wild wave of grief sweeping o'er the heart-stiiiigs.


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