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About Husbands--to The "girls"

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A man Is, In general, botter pleased whra he hns a goort dlnner upnn hls tabfe than when bis wlfe speaks Greek.- [Sam Johnson. Jolinson was right. I don't agree to all The solemu dogmas of the rough ola stager , But. very much approve what one may cau The mlnor moráis of the "Ursa Major," Jolmson was rlght. Although some men adore Wisdom Ín women, and wlth wisdom cram lKT. There lsn't one Ín ten tmt thlnks (ar more Oí his own grub than hls spouse's grammar. I know It is t.he greatest shame Ín Ufe : But who ainong them, (save p crhaps, my sclf) Eeturnüig home, but asks hts wlte, What boeL- not books-she has upon the sheir? Though Greek and Latín be the lady's boast, They're Uttle valued by her loving mate ; The klncl oí tongue that husband's rellsli most Is modern, bolled and served upon a píate. Or If, as Iond ambltlon may command, Some home-made verse the happy matron show Dim, What mortal spouse but irom herdalnty hand Would sooner see a pudding tlian a poem? Young lady- deep In love with Tom or Harry- 'Tis sad to teil you such a tale as thls ; But here Is the moral oí lt : Don'tmarry; Or. marrylng, take your lover as he Is- A very Mare- wlth somethlng o( the brute Unless he prores a sentimental noddy, Wlth passlons strong and appetlte to boot, A tlilrsty soul wlthln a hungry body. A very man- not one ol nature's clouds- Wlth human falllngs, whether salnt or slnner, Endowed, peraaps, wlth genius from ;the gods, But apt to take hls temper irom hls dlnner.


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