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Some Modern Sayings

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Honeaty is the best policy, tmless yon can get about one hundred thousand dollars, and effect a settlement at flfty per cent. Honor thy father and mother, particularly about cirous-time, when you don't know where to raise twenty-five cents. Never run in debt when yon can avoid it. It is better to go snubbing around in a broadcloth coat than to be in debt to your tailor for a suit of Scotch mixed. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Borrow his ploxigh, hoe or horse whenever yon can ; but il he -wants to borrow yours, teil him that yon are sorry, tha you -were just going to use them yourself. Be guarded in your conversation. Thore are times when you may freely expresa your opinión on a political candidate, but you had better wait until his friends are over in the neit county visiting. Kespeot oíd age. If you have a naaiden auut thivty-three years old and she is passing herself for a girl of twenty, there is no excuse for you to exposé her. The more you respect her age and keep still about it, the more she will respect you. Never marry for wealth, but remember that it is just as easy to love a girl who has a brick house, with mansard roof and silver-plated door-bell, as one who has an auburn head and an angelic disposition. Kemember that appearances are often deceiving. Many a palé, thin young lady will eat more corned beef than a blacksmith. Because yon find her in the parlor playing the piano, it is' no sign that her mother is not at the corner-grocery running in debt for a peck of potatoes. - i - i I I - +-m


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