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SpĂ­rited music - Taking a horn with another fellow. Music of the spheres - A(p)pcal of the (Boston) Globe and the blowiug of the (New York) World. Music for the Million - Million-aires. High-toned musician - The "swell" of the organ. Street music - Alle(y)-gro. Musical offence - A five-bar rest. Fisherman's music - The tri-angle. Progressive music - The march of intellect. Stringed instrumenta for quick-steps - Whips. Visiting music - The bugle's cali. Band for the wedding march - Husband. Best money in the orchestra - Harmony. Typographical music - A "set" of ing "quad"-rills. A f alsett-o - oThe horses attached to a coal wagon need not be considored musical because they run over the scales so often. The drum can never be superior instrument, for it is always aten. The corn-et in the orchestra need not necessarily make the voices of the performers husky. Singers look out for the main chanta, and prefer high notes in a dollarous performance. The trump of fame is generally conaidered a good play. Be rather of-fish in calling a colored


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