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and Leather Beporter published a table showing that our exports of leather to foreign countries are steadily inoreaaing. The entire produotion of some favorito tanneries is taken as f ast as it can be delivered, while orders by cable are by no means infrequent. The sbipments from New York since the lst of January have been 730,000 sides against 898,000 sides for the whole of last year. This comparatively new line of trade furnishes a po werf ui incentive to tanners to strive to attain the highest possible excellence of workmanship and will undoubtedly lead to a decided improvement in the whole leather manufacture of the country. The main reason why so little of the very best leather that human skill has produced has been made in America is that the home demand for such stock is comparatively small. Now, with the encouragement of a wider market, the Reporter predicts that we shall soon be second to no nation on the globe in this important branch of staple manufacture. Pennsylvania ought to have the lion's share of this foreign trade, Our hemlock sole will not suffer froin competition the world over.


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