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Children's Feet

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lort, disease and sudden death oïten come to children througli the inattention or carelessness of the parents. A chüd should never be allowed to go to sleep with cold feet. The thing to be last attended to is to see that the feet are dry and warm ; neglect of this has often resulted in a dangerous attack of croup, diphtheria, or a fatal sore throat. Always in coming from school, on entering the house from a visit or errand, in rainy, muddy, or thawing weather, the child's shoes should be removed, and the niother herself should ascertain if the stockings are the least damp, and if so, they should be taken off, the feet held before the fire and rubbed with the hand till perfectly dry, and another pair of stockings put on, and the other shoes and stockings be placed where they can be well dried, so as to be ready for future use at a moment's notice.


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