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-The alligator that swallowed a corset is dcad. It stayed on his stomach. -The public bath house of New Haven oost the city $844.80 for the season of 1875. - The Great Eastern is being refurnislied at an expense of $100,000 for centennial trips. - Why doesn't Sweden have to send abroad for cattle? Because she keeps her Stock-holm. - Oregon has a new town called Pay Up. It is said to be a good place for settlement. - A girl being accnsed of trifling with her lover's feelings replied, "I plead jilty." - The Chinese Government propose to appoint Chinese Consuls at all the most important ports of the world. - Víctor Emanuel is opposed to wearing flannel shirts. He says no sturdy huntsman like himself has anything to fear from rheumatism. - A lawsuit between Chicago minstrel managers shows that the foremost performers are paid from $100 to $150 a ■week, besides traveling expenses. - A Liverpool policeman has been fined twenty shillinga and dismissed from the forcé for kissing a married woman on the streets. - Shoe dealer- I find we have no nnmber twelve shoes, sir ; but here is a pair of large nines. Customer - Nines ! Do you take me for Cindereller ? - A small terrier in Meriden, Conn., a year ago lost part of his tail, which is now growing out again at right angles, so that lie carries behind him a kind of stove-pipe elbow. ■ - Conversation between Cincinnati young ladies - "She's the most disagreeable girl I ever saw." Yes, and the proudest, though her father packed only a hundred hogs last year." - The proposed tunnel from England to France will be sixteen miles long, and two hundred and fifty feet below the bed of the sea. A fit place to sink money. - Anew metal called "Gallium," in honor of France, has been found in some of the ores of zinc. It resembles zinc in some of its properties, but greatly differs from it in others. - A hunter in Sonoma county, Cal. , brought down three deers with a single shot one day last month. The charge was buckshot, and was intended for a doe, but two fawns that stood by her side were also killed. - Wedding journeys are no longer the style, written invitations are considered once more very elegant, and wedding cards were issued at Lockport the other day with the significant intimation, "No presents." - Under the la-w making women eligible to school offices, some dozen or flfteen ladies have been nominated for County Superintendents in Wisconsin, about equafiy divided between the two parties. - When you see a married woman standing on the corner a block fron her house, to catch the letter-carrier, 'M may know that she is expecting a letter from her aunt, and doesn't want her husband to see it. - Laat season's peanut erop reached -O00,000 bushels, valued at $3,000,000. Tho oii of the North Carolina nut is said to possess great commercial importance, as it is extensively used as a substituto for almond and olive oils. - Numerous experiments have been conducted in India for the purpose of discovering a trustworthy cure for the bite of the cobra. It is announced that Dr. Shortt of Madras has successfully treated several cases this summer with liquor potassse and brandy. - The reason why a woman requires a large wallet for the transportation of a twenty-five-'cent shinplaster is as deeply wrapped in mystery as the reason why a dog always turns around three times when he gets up af ter a nap. - Is it not astonishing that men, who bother their great heads with the ness of a woman's skirt ? How about your stove-pipe hat ? They make your heads bald and greasy as a dish-cloth, yet you wear them. - Kate Putnam's company was here last week," says the Danbury News, "and a young Danbury clerk who gets $10 a week, took his girl every evening at 75 cents a seat, leaving him just $1 of his week's salary to meet current expenses. And yet people talk of the decline of chivalry." - Milton's honse in Westminster is still standing, althóugh slightly altered. It is situated on the North side of York street, and is not many yards from the St. James' Park station of the Underground District Bailway. It has been lately occupied by a fish-monger, who placed over his shop front the words, "The Noted Fried Fish Shop." - The latest addition to the Princeton College mnseum of natural history is a cat with perfectly-developed fore legs, but no hind legs or abdominal bones. It was one of a large litter all similarly deformed, but only this one lived. It enjoys perfect health, and moves with great agility. - The city of Berlin has but one steani fire engine, the rest being oldfashioned hand machines, and the water supply is inadequate. Becently an immense new hotel was burned, and water was brought in barrels and pumped feebly to the second story where there was no fire. At length a heavy rain extinguished the flames. - "I suppose I can buy everything in New York," said a Chicago woman to an acquaintance she met in Broadway. "Oh, no ! you can't fmd some things even in Paris. For instance, I arrived at the dignity of a grandinother yesterday, and at once went out to get an old lady's bonnet,' but no such article was for sale."


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