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The Coming Republican Convention

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The character of the eall for the Convention is its most reraarkablo feature. Without any apparont consciousness of is as open a proclaroation of political hipocriRy as was ever made in the face of an intelligent people. Hiifing brought the country to its present condition - sooially, politically and industria lly - it now asks that it be reinvested with the jower to undertake the work of reform. It is the architect of ruin proposing to take the contract for reconstruction. If the party intends to proceed upon the nierits of that culi it will havo to adopt another name. lts record and standing are too inconsistent with these latcst professions to make it worth the people's trouble to reconcile thein by a vote at once of confidence and oblivion. The opposition could not more summarily arraign the Republican party than does its own Btimraons to a National Convention. Wheu it invites all who are opposed to sectional issues, all who desire to promote haruiony throughout the country, all who insist upon the fnll and free exprcise of the right of suffrage, all who would 8ee the prosecution and punishmont of official dishohesty, all who demand economy in the government's administration, all who favor reform, and all who would see the restoration of the national credit, to assemble by their delegates at Cincinnati and take counsel together over the formation of a new administration on thoap principies, it is driven to make a public confession of tho shocking derelictions of the Republicftn party itself, and a formal reuneiatiou of doctrines that are embodied in the worst and most dangerous practices that ever strained the framework of representative government. It is enough for events to have extorted such a sweeping admission frora tho managers of a faithless p:irty, and for an aroused public indignation to have compelled a confession so abject. As for continuing to make such a party the repository of power on the strenth of its interestod professions of repentance, that must be held to be an entirely different matter.


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