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Republican Retrenchments

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A few weeks ago the Republiean County Treasurer of Yates County was announced as a defaulter, having used several thousand dollars of the people's money in his private speculations. The Kepublican Treasurer of Saratoga County about the saino time ried from his home, having retrenched the taxpayers' money of that county to the tune of $160,000. A short time ago the Kepublican State Treasurer of Kunsas wns removed from office for the misuso of the public fimds, having been engaged in a retrenc├╝meut of the public money for his own use. The Republican Auditor of this State has been suspended from office for speculation in claims, and for reasons which his own testimony justilied. The Kepublican Treasurer of the city of Buffalo has absconded after retronching the taxpayers' monoy of that city to tho tune of some #350,000 or more. Now the fact is being shown that he commenced his system of retrenchment the moment that he entered upon the luties of his office. Gun. Babcock has been indicted for aiding in tbe retrenchment of the whisky tax and crooking it into the srivate bank accounts of himsolf and associates. This kind of Republican retrenchment appeara not to be new. Comptroller Hopkins in his report a yoar ago announced that the larger portion of the twenty-seven millions raised for soldiers' bounties in this State never reached the soldier. It was rotrenched by Republican officials in the same way. Do we not need reform ? And are we likely to get it from the grand old party ?


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