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- Sleigh-bells were heard yesterday for the fhst time tliis year. - The musical voice of the chimuey sweep is now daily heard in the Btreets. - H you want insurauce in good companïes read the adv. of Frazer & Hamilton. - The " Farmers' store " ie agaiu occupied: this time hy W. S. Allen, late of Union City. - By the gra.ce of the Common Council the City Treasurer will continue tho collection of taxes uutil the 21st inst. - Mr. J. M. Wheeler aud family were in Naples on the lóth of January, and expeot to reaoh Kome by the 14 th iust. - February carne m on Tuesday and brought cold weather with it,- and a blustering but not very heavy show storm. - Our thermometer registered 2 deg. above zero at 7 o'clock Wednesday uioruing, with wmd a little north of west aud not at all comforUble to face. - Because Von Bu!ow woulün't corae to Ann Arbor a goodly number of Ann Arbor's musical citizeus went to Detroit last week, to hear the celebrated pianist. - The Dexter Leader has entered upon its eighth year, aud yet Mac has not beoome 80 rich as to torgot his business and neglect to get off some gQod things weekly. - Üur farmer readers should not fail to attead the Institute to be held in Follett Hall, Ypsilanti, commencmg ou Wednesday eveuing next, and contiuuing duriug Thursday. - E. C. Seaman has so lar procurod a subscription of about $90 in aid of the Michigan Centenmal building, and expects to raise it to $120. He says that money comes hke " puiling teetli." - Another bastardy case : And this time it is one Wm. Turner, a gay and festive saloon cierk on Main street. Mrs. Mary Flannary is the other party. Justico McMahon has set the case down for the 14th inst. - We met ex-Judge Crane on the streets Mouday. He said that he was in search of an office, haring coocluded to " hang out his sinngle " in our city. Lawyers are like nerfspapers,- there is always room lor one more. - Kev. Patrick Murray, of St. John's ■ Churcli (Catholic), Ypsilanti, has been transferred to Kalamazoo, by order of the Bishop. 1 tíe was popular with lus congregation and the people at large, and his removal is generally regretted. - Jedde O. Bunnell, living in Salem, on the base hno, committed suicide on the 21st ult., by hanging himself in his barn. He was an exemplary citizuu and a Free Wiü Baptist. Loss oí his wiie a few mouths ago is suppoued to be the cause. - " Not to exceod $100 ": that is the appropriatiou made by the School Board of this city tor photographa, ground plans, reports, bistorical sketches, exanimatiou papers, etc, for the Centeunial. Nut half that urn will probably be uaed. - Philetus Coon, of Manchester, wants Geo. M. Hewett, of the same burg, to " pony up " tor some alleged malicious and slanderous utterances. Justice Beahan, of this city, is to give the case a hearing on the 15th inst., at one o'clock p. m. -The dwelliug of Emanuel Koek, about two miles south of this city, was burned on the 26th uit.- Wednesday of last week, with part oï the contents. Loss about $2,000 ; insured lor $700 iu the Germán Farmers' Fire losurauce Company of Scio. Cause : defective flue. -The house of Geo. V. R. Davis, on Wall street, in the Fifth ward, had a narrow escape ou Saturday last. A chimney was burning out and the flue being defective the house caught fire. The Hurous ware proinptly on the spot with their new engine and the house was damaged only about $100. - The teachers and scholars of the Grammar School atteuded the funeral of Miss Sarah Barry on Tuesday forenoon. Miss B. had been a teacher in the department for eeveral years, and wus given " leavo of absence," and her place temporarily supplied, just before the opening of the school for the present year. - Being a sort of lay preacher we desire a largor congregatiou, not exactly of paying pew-holders but of paying subscribers. If each subsenber will induce a neighbor to and each can do it if he will- they will doublé our readers, aad the field of usefuluess worked by tha AEOua will be conespondiugiy doubled. Will you do it ? - It was rumored about town on Friday last that A. W. Aines, Express Agent, was about to " step down and out," and Saturday's Tribune reported that bis successor had been appouited and would enter mto possession on the lat inst. It is now the 4th, Ames is still agent, and has no more idea of lettiug go oí a good thiug thau has Graut. - The trial of Mrs. Isaac Dunn, charged with assault and battery upon August Heiz, at a billiard room in the Fifth ward, whither she had gone in pursuit of her husband, was consluded before Justice Beahan and a jury on Friday morning last, by a verdict oí guilty ' and a fine of f 1 and costs. We have no ] olination to niake a sensational report of the affair. - Three times Clark & Cropsey have been i tried for violating the city ordinance requiring ' keepers of saloons, eating houses, restaurants, etc., to take out a hcense and contnbute $100 1 annually to the city treasury. Once they were acquitted, and twice juries liave ■ greed. And now another prosecution has been ' oriíered. Isn't somebody usiiig the Common Oouncil to pull chestnuts out of the fire. -At the Union Fair in Detroit this week i (fruita, flowe rs, vegetables, cats, dogs, fowls, 1 wild animáis, and babies), J. C. Higgins, of Delhi Mills, took the first and second prizes 1 for dark Brahmas, and $7 ; J. J. Walker, of ( this city, took the second pnze and $2 for i black red-breasted game Bantams ; the first pnze and 5 for Pile Games ; and the first ] pnze and 5 for chicks - same class. t -Torn Condón had the small outer bone of i his right leg broken just above the ankle on Biraday afternoon last. And this was how it i was done. Offlcer Johnson had been invited ] up to Tom's mother's, on Thayer street, wbere ' Torn was raising special Cain, captured the 1 boy and started with him for the " cooler." ( Torn resisted and tried to break away, and in the rough and tunible for the mastery tumbled down with the result recorded. - William Barry, who resides en North Main street, met with a Bad accident yesterday forenoou. While assisting in sawiug wood with a sa wing machine at H. Kittridge's, the drive belt broke, and in Mr. Barry's baste to reach the brake, to prevent the horses from leing thrown from the machine, he slipped and iell with his hand upon the saw, and so mangled the thumb of his right hand tliat amputatioa was necessary. Drs. Smith and K;ipp dressed the wound. - The following appointments have been made irom the junior class of the High School, tor the exhibition to take place on the evening of the 19th of March : Einina Anderson, South Bend, Ind. ; Nellie M. Colman, Lottte L. Hall, Maggie J5. Morton, Aun Arbor ; Ida J. Perry, Jessup, Iowa; Mattio Teany, and Marian Thatcher, Ann Arbor ; C. H. Cole, F. C. Cole, Aun Arbor; Charles Freelaud, Millersburg, Ind.; Wm. Galpin, Superior; Wm. Manson, Waverly, 111.; John G. Schurtz, White Pigeon ; Wm. Simmons, Northville ; Fred. M. Town8end, Ann Arbor; and Aaa Whipple, PlyttDuth.