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- The literary classes are reviewing preparatory to examinations. - J. B. Steere told his iuteresting story of tho " Lower Amazon " at Adrián, on Friday evening last, for the benefit of the Second Baptist Church (colored). The Opera House was well filled. - The Sodality and Olee Clubs are practtcing for a concert which they propose to give about the middle of the inonth : the proceeds for the benefit of the Boat Club. - The laboratory investigating committee is 1 still eugaged on the books and accounts ; but not a membor " pumps " worth a cent. Tho revelations of all-wise outsiders can be taken with several grains oí allowanco. - Prof. Adams closes his current course of historical lectures on Wednesday afteruoon noxt, with M England as it is." -Prof. Morgau is back f rom Bridgeton, N. J. and the Landis murder trial, and not convicted of malpractice ; that defense being given up for the " iusanity dodge." - At a recent meeting the Ladies' Medical Association (old school) elected the following officers : President, Miss EUinwood ; VicePresident, Miss Conkling ; Correspondmg Secretary, Miss Bising; Becording Socretary, Miss Clark. Not being a moneyed institution, no treasurer seems to be providod. - " Alone with Her Majesty : " that's what tho telegraph made President Angelí lecture about at Muskegon a few evenings ago. - H. W". Montrose, of Detroit, class of '71, had his " brindle and spotted cat " highly commended at the " union fair" this week. - Hon. Moses W. Field, of Detroit, proposes to propogate inflation principies in the law lecture room this evening,- for the benefit of incipient Btatesmen. - Not a very large audicnce greeted Mrs. Livermore on ïhursday evening of last week but the lecture she delivered ought to have been heard by every true woman, and by every well-wislier and lover of woman, in Ann Arbor. It was worth a score of ordinary lectures, or sermons either.