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Subjects oí the Rev. C. H. Brigham'a discourses at Uuitarian Churoh next Sunday : Morning- Small Results from Great Expectations. Evening- The Sympathy of Religions, Stu ients' Class at 8 a. ar,- The Character of Absalom. Mrs. Lathrop had a large congregation at the M. E. Churoh last Sunda}', morning and evening. It is understood that she will occupy the pulpit again next Sunday. The carpenters have completed tlieir work in the auJience room of the Coiigregational Church, and the contract för the oiling was let yesterday. It is a beautiful room. As one might as well be " out of the world as out of fashion," we iollow the "modeBt" example of our local cotemporaries and copy a few of the good words which our friends of the State press have sent us greeting : The Ash Aebob Aegus.- The former publisher of the Anu Arbor Anous, E. B. Pond, aíter a year's intennission, has again assumed control of that Journal with a determmation to make it a better paper than ever before. Mr. Pond is widely known as a gentleman of culture and ability and of great pohtical sagacity and iuflueuce, and his labors have ever beeu exerted in the right direction. The Democracy of Washtenaw cannot do better than to extend to the Argus that cordial and abundaut support which deserves both as an excellent family newspaper and a laithf ui political guide.- Detroit Free Press. The Anu Arbor Aegus has passed again under the control of its oíd editor, Mr. E. B. Pond, who puts au aniount of candor, good sense, and good nature into his jourualism which is untortunately ratlier rare. - Detroit Tribune. Elihu B. Pond has resumed the editorial charge of the Aun Arbor Abgus, after a year or two of rest. A good thíng for the Ae&us, as Mr. Pond is au able editor.- Detroit Commercial Advertiser. Mr. Elihu B. Pond, who, something over a year ago, after being solé proprietor and editor of the Anu Arbor Aegus for over twenty years, disposed of his office and bid adieu to the editorial fraternity, we are pleastd to state has again assumed control of the Argus, and it comes to us as sparkling as Kalatnazoo Gazette. Elihu B. Pond has resumed control of the Anu Arbor Aegus, after leasing it to others for about one year. Mr. Pond has been connected with the presa for upwards of of a quarter of a century, and is one ol the ablest and most courteous democratie editora in the State.- Allegan Journal. Bro. E. B. Pond has again taken charge of his paper, the Ann Arbor Aegus. Bro. Pond is a genial fellow, and knows how to make a readable paper. He is deserving of the patronage of his party friends. In fact, we hope that the gooii citizeus of Aun Arbor will not let Mr. Pond sulfer by the contest of the two other papers to eat each other up. - Ypsilanti Commercial. E. B. Pond has resumed the proprietorship of the Ann Arbor Aegus, and that paper has put on the oíd familiar look. He is a Pond that " uever runs dry. - Manchester Enterprise. An envelop containing other complimentary and cougratulatory "slips" hos beeu mislaid, for which the Aegus readers will no doubt be thankful. With thauks to our partial brethren of the press we promise to do our " level best " to merit their commendation.