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Morton And Mississippi

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The condition of Senator Morton'a health has compelled the suspension of his Mississippi investigation speech, but his tone ind aini are evident, and therefore legitímate matters of comment. We predict that the Senator's general positions, as outlinod in ihis address, will not meet with any widespread or emphatio popular response, In so far as the investigation he asks is intended to simply ascertain the faots conoerning the recent election in Mississippi, there. is no especial ground for objection to it But in so far as it is intended to pave the way for or créate a hope of " intervention " by the General Government, it is open to very serious objections. It is time that the Southern voters began to learn thoroughly the lesson of self-reliance and self-protection, and the fact that this is of very prime importance is getting to be generally appreoiated at the North. That the course of the President and of the Attorney-General, in refusing, last fall, to grant Gov. Ames' request for troops, was sustained overwhelmingly by Northern sentiment, is indisputable, and that refuaal and the popular endorsement of it were both based upon excellent grounds still in unimpaired existence. Moreover, if we consider Mr. Morton's plan of political action from the narrow standpoint of partisan expadiency merely, we are convinced that damage enough would result to Bepublicanism at the North froin the inauguration of what we may cali a "Forcé bilí " policy at the South to far more than counterbalance any possible advantage that might be gained in the


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