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A Michigan Centenarian

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At Vienna, Monroe County, resides Louis Jacob, who was born of French parents in Detroit, in the year 1770 consequently he is at present in his lüöth year. A great portion of his life has been spent among the Indiana, in whose language and customs he is well vorsed, while he does not speak Enghsh at all. He fought in the war of 1812 against the Indians, and by them was twioe wounded, one of the wounds being very dangorous. He rendered valuable service to the government as an Indian scout, and he now receives a pension f rom the government. Mr. Jacob has been twice rnarried. By his first wife he had four and by his second three chüdren, six of whoin are living. The eldest is eighty and the youngest sixty years of age. One of his daughters raised a snug little family of twenty-five children. One of his great-great-great grand-children is a sprightly little girl of soine öve years. He does not know how many descendants he has, for they have become as the stars in number, It is his custom to walk three-fourths of a mile and return every Sunday. He never wears glasses, and above all, he does not smoke or use tobáceo in any form whatever. - Free Press. Kapoleon III. once expressed great surprise to Gen. Banks that the Ainericans should tax champagne so heavily when they loved it so well. The general replied that the tax was not because the Americans loved champagne less, but because they loved their countrv' more. 1 1 in The Frankfort Express declares for Gen. B. M. Cutcheon as its candidato lor Congress (Ninth district). The examination of the Crosses, of South Haren, for the murderof Watrous was held on January 31st. The woman was discharged, but three men were held for trial.


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