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FURS! FURSÜ o Assignee's Sale AT 7 SOUTH MAIN ST., ANN AEBOR. o Also, a Large and Choice Stock of HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, GOLLARS, SCARFS TIES, HOSE, And a Full Assortment of GENT 'S FDBNISHIKfi GOODS At Wholesale or lletail. Tïow is Uie time to supply Yonrself Cheap, as the stock must be closed out. C.H.RICHMOND, Assignee, Ann Arbor, January 17, . 1S66w4 THE WEEKLY SUN. 1776. NEW YORK. 1876. Eighteen hundred and seventy-six is the Centennial yettr. It is also the year in which an Opposition House of Rtpresentatives, the tirst aince the war, will be in power in Washington ; and the year of the twenty-third election of the PresideDt of the United Statee. All of these events are sure to be of great intereBt and importance, especiaily the two latier; and all of them and everything connected with them will be fully and ireshly reported and expounded in The Sun. The Oppositiou House of Represen tat i ves, taking up the line of inquiry opened years ago by The Sun, will 'stern ly and diligently investígate the corruptions and misdeeds o! Grant's administration ; and will, it is to be hoped, lay the foundation tot a new and better period in our national history. Of all this The Sun will contain complete and accurate accounts, turnishing its readers with early and trustworthy information upon thoee absorbing topics, The twenty-third Presidential election, with the preparations tor it. will be memorable as deciding upon Grant's aspirations fora third term of power and plunder, and still more as deciding who fihall be the candidate of the party of Reform, and as electing that candidate. Concerning all these sabjects, those who read The Sun will have the constant meuna of being thoroughiy well informed. The Weeklt Sun, which has attaïned a circnlation of overeighty thousand copies, already bas ita readers in every State and Territory, and we trust that the year 1876 will see their uumbera doubled. It will continue to be a thorough newspaper. AH the general news of the day witl be found in it, condeused when unimportant, at full length of moment; and alwuys, we trust, treated in a clear, intere8ting and inetruetive manner. It is our aim to make the Weekly Sun the best family newspaper in the world, and we stiall continue to give in its columns a large amount of miacellaneous reading, such as atories, tales, ■noems, scientific inteïligence and agricultural information, tbr which we arenot able to make room in, our daily edition. The agricultural department especiallyis one of its prominent features. The fashions are also regularly reported in its columna ; and so are the markets of every kind. The Weekly Sux, eight pages wiih fifty-six broad columna, is only $1.20 a year, postage prepaid. As this piice barely repays the cost of the paper, no discount can be made from this rate to clubs, agent s, Postmatters or anyone. The Datly Sun, a large four page newepaper of eight columns, gives all the news lor two cents a copy. Subscription, pottage prepaid. 55c a month or $6.50 a year. Sunday edition, extra, $1.10 per year. "We have no traveling agents. Address, THE SUJS", Xew Yoik City " Inqucslionably the bCBt sustaincd work of the kind in the World." Harper's Magazine. ILLUSTRATED. lotices of the Press. The ever-increasing circulation of this excellent monthly proves its continued adaptation to popular desires and reeds. Indeed, when we think into how many homes it penetrates, every month, we mu&t consider it as one of the educatora as weil a" one of the entertainers of the public mind,- Boston Globe. The character which thia Magazine posseases for variety, enterprise, artistic wealth, and literary culture that it has kept pace with, if it has not led the times, should cause its conductors to regard it with jnstiflable complacency. The Magazine has done good and not evil all the days of its life.- Brooklyn Eagle. tíome oí the most popular of modern novéis first appeared as serialB in ttiis Magazine. Tn all respects, it is an excellent periodical, and fully deserves its great success Phüadeiphio. Lidger. TERMS: Postage Free to all Subscribe In the Cnited States. Habpkr's Magazine, one year, $4 00 $4 pi) includea prepayment of TT. 8. Postase by the publishers. Subscriplions to Harpei 's Weekly, Magazine and Bazar to one address for one year, $10 uu ; or, two of Harper's Periodicals, to one address for one year, #7 00 : postage iree. An extra copy of either the Magazine, Weekly, or Bazar will be aupplied gratis for every club of five subscribe rs at $4 V0 each, in one remittance ; or, eix copies for $20 00. without extra copy: dostage free. Back numbers can be supplied at any time. A complete set of Harper's Magazine, now comprieing 51 volumes, in neat cloth binding, will be sent by express, freight at expense cf purchaser, for $2 25 per volume. Single volumes, by mail, postpaid, $3 00. Cloth cases, for binding, 58 centa, by mail, postpaid. A complete analytical index to the flrst Fifty volumes of Harper's Magazine has just been published, renderins available for reference the vaat and varied wealth of iniormation which couBtitutes this periodical a perfect illustrated literary cyclopedia. 8 vo., cloth, $-3 00 ; half calf, $ó 25. Seat postage prepiiid. A series of papers under the title of " The First Century of the Republic," contributed by the mot eminent American publicista, ia now being published in Harper's Magazine, This series of over twenty papera givea a comprehensivo review of Progresa during the century now closing, in every departraent of our national life. Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement without the expresa order of Harper ík Brothers. Address HAEPEE & BROTHEBS, New York. M A Repository of Fastaion, Pleasure, and 1 asi ruction. Harpev's Bazar. Notices of the Press. The Bazar is edited with a combination of tact and talent that we seldom flüd in any ournal ■ and the journal itself ia the organ of the great world of faahion Boston Travelcr. The Bazar commends itself to every memberof the housekold- to the chüdren by droll and pretty pictures, to the young ladies by its faahion-plates m endless variet} , to the provident matron by its patternsforthe children's clothes, to paterf amüias by lts tasteful designa for ornamental slippers and luxunousdressing-gowna, But the reading matter of the Buzar is uniformly of greatexcellence. The paperb;is acquired a wide populanty for the flresideenjoymeutitaffoidK.- N. Y. Exsming Post In its way there is nothing like it. Fresh and trustworthy as a isliion guide, its Ktories and essays, its poetry and squibs, are all invigorating to the miud. - Chicago Evning Journal. TEÏÏMS: Postage frce to all Subscribers in the United States. Harpeivs Bazar, one year, - 4 oo $4 00 includes prepayment of postage by the publishers. Subscription to Habpkb's Magazine, Weekly and Bazar, to one address, for one year, 10 00 ■ SirsssS0-100118 addre8s foi An extra copy of either the Magazine, Weekly or bazar, will be supplied gratis for every club ot nve subscnbers at $4 00 each, in one remittance or, six copies for $20 00, without extra copy : postage tree. " " ISack numbers can be supplied at any time The Annual Volumes of Harper's Bazai, in neat clotn binding, -wül be sent by expresa, free of expense, for $7 00 each. A complete set, comprisin eight volumes, sent on the receipt of cash at the chaser P61' V01'' freigbt at Pense of purProminent attention willbe given in Harper's Bazar to auoh ülustratious of the Centenniel Internationnl Exposition aa may be peculiarly appropriateto its columns. Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement whmit the expres order of Hauper & Bbothebb. Address HAliPEK & BEOTHERS, New York. JU"M Auger &. Drllls. 8IO0 a month ufiQl P'ud to Kool Agcnts. Alicer book r Kam 0 freu. Jlli Auger Co., 8t. Louis, Mo.


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