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Don 't insult a poor man. His muscles may be well developed. Don't fret. The world will move on ■bs usual when you are gone. Don't color meerschaums for a living. It is simply dying by inches. Don't say "I toldyouso." Two to one you never said a word about it. Don't throw dust in your teacher's eyes. It will injure the pupil. Don't turn your nose at slight things. Think of bread and taxation. Don't boast of your pedigree. Many a fooi has had a wise ancestor. ' Don't buy a coach to please your wife. Better make her a little sulky. Don't write long obituarios. Save some of your kind words for those living. Don't imagino that everything is weakening. Butter is strong in the market. Don't publish your acts of charity. The Lord will keep the account straight. Don't mourn over fanciod gievances. Bide your time, and real sorrow will come. Don't put on airs with your new clothes. Remeraber your tuilor is suffering. Don't be too sentimental. A dead heart properly cooked will make a savory meal. Don't linger where your love lies dreaming. Wake her up, and teil her to get the breakfast, and you get off to work.


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