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A Boy's Bank

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The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society in San Francisco has undertaken the establishment of a Youths' Saving Society. Any boy who purposes being for some time a member of the society can deposit whatever he wishes of liis earnings in tho savings bank. On this, at the end of every month he receives ftve cents premium on every dollar depositad. The bank is a lai-ge box, whose securely-locked top is pierced by many slits, which lead into compartments beneath. These slits are numbered, and each depositor has his number, and the Secretary keeps a record of tho namos and numbers, and at thecloso of each month the President opens the bank and counts tho contents of each compartment in the presence of all the depositors. TKen they are allowed the privilege of biking their money, or the President wil! deposit it for them in some bimk and open a regular bank account for thora. It is hoped by the managers to thus enoouiage them to save thoir earniugs.


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