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Common Council Proceedings

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Council met iu regular session Monday eveniug. Eoll called- absent, Aldermen McDonald, Smith and Schmidt. PET1TIONS. Of John V. Little, and 11 others, for the opening and establishment of a public atreet in continuation of Church street, in üixth ward. To Streat Cointnittee. Oí H. B. Hutchins, and 11 others, for the extensión of Monroe streot oast, in Sixth ward. To same committee. Of Dr. L. A. Footo, for'hia appointment as City I'hy8ician. Laid on the table. EEPOETB OF COMMITTEE. Finance - In favor of the allowance of the foilowiug billa : GENERAL FUND. A. H. Herrón, 31 days as marshal, &c, $71 20 Jolin G. Johnson, 31 (laya as policemau, 02 00 J. W. Maroney, 31 days as policeman, 62 00 Mike Stierle, lighting 13 oil lamps, 6 00 John Collins, lightiug 24 oil latnps, 12 00 E. 8. Manly, lighting 13 oil lamps, 6 50 Frank Woodruff, lighting 13 oil lamps, 6 50 E. H. Lyon, lighting 1 oil lamp, two imuithi, 1 00 Jas. Atkinson, cutting wood, Council room, 2 00 Rebecea Atkinson, care of Council room, 2 50 J. Keek A Co., one arm chair, 8 50 J. Donnelly, lamp supplies, 10 65 GENERAL STREET FUND. G. W. Heartley, sharpening pick ax, 1 00 G. W. Orcott, work on bridges, 11 00 J. T. Hallock, 2,946 fect oak plank, 58 92 THIRD WARD FUND. Jas. Jewell, work on street crossings, 50 CITY POOR FUND. Swathel, Ailes A Kyer, flour and meal, 29 25 Cieo. Clarken, groceries and wood, 25 00 Henry Waesch, flour and meal, 6 50 W. H. Mclntyre, groceiies, 5 00 Wm. Allaby, pair of shoes, 2 50 Clark & Cropsey, groceries, 1 25 Edward Duö'y, groceries, 2 00 J. Keck & Co., cofün and attending funeral, 15 00 John M. (ould, groceries, . 4 50 H. Kíttridge, wood. 5 00 A. R. Hall, groceries, 6 00 Benj. Brown, wood and services rendered, 24 80 Dr. C. Georg, medical services, 22 50 J. Donnelly, house rent for Mro. Sweeney, 5 00 L. tíerstner, groceries: 6 00 Ann Clarken, house rent for P. O'Keefo, 5 50 Luke Coyle, groceries, 5 00 Dr. J. Kapp, medical servicea, 10 00 L. Colby, groceries and provisions, 6 50 If. S. Lercn, medicines, 1 50 Antón Eisele, wood and services rendered, 30 05 Dr. C. Backus, medical services, 12 00 C. Krapf, wood and services reudered, 47 25 Einsey & Seabolt, groceries aud provisión, 17 81 John Clancy, groceries, 12 00 The same committoe also reported, without racommendation, bilí of Aid. Cate for 175, for Services as chairman of sidewalk committea. Bill disallowed. Aid. Besimer, of committee to whom was referred the bilí of E. B. Gidley, for servioes as member oí Board of Health, reported against allowing bilí. Adopted: FBOM OITT OFFIOEBS. City Treasurer presentad a statement of tb e several tax rolla against different persons for building sidewalks. On motion the tax rolls againet the property of F. L. Parker, Luoy W. S. Morgan, Patrick Wall, estáte of W. O'Hara, deceased, Jas. Hunter, Peter Vanee, and C. H. Wait, were extended 30 days. City Attorney preaented an ordinance adopting the Eevised City ürdiuanoes. Adopted. City Marshal presented report of number of arresta made during month of January ; also that saven saloons had paid the city license for the present quarter ; also recommending that 8igns be placed at various points cautioning per sons frora hitohing horses to shade trees. Accepted and filed. MISCELLANBOUB. Aid. Doty moved that Aid. Cate be allowed the 8um of $35 for services ai ehairman of aidewalk committeo. The ïnotion wa withdrawn at the request of Aid. Cate. Leave being granted, Supervisor Brown addressed the Council with reference to the care of Don. J. Mozart, Edward Short, Thos. Boyr, and Miss Beach, inmates of the Insana Asylum at Kalamazoo. Th subject matter was referred to a committee consisting of Aid. Bogers, King, and the City Attoruey, to ascertain whether the care of above persons were a unargo to me city. Upon th reoommendation of the CMef Engineer, Henry B. Dodsley was appointed Fire Warden of Fourth ward, in place of Geo. W. Efner, removed from th ward. On motion of Aid. Walker, the matter of granting ,relief to the city poor .was taken from the SuperTisors and plaoed in the hands of the Marshal, and that the Marshal receive an additional compensation of f3 per month for performing the duties of th same. Adjourned. Collins & M'Leester, of Philadelphia, send us the January number of The Proof Sheet, always beautiful, and with pagea both interesting and instructivo. The World Almanac for 1876 haa about as much valuable information, especially to the politician in a Freaidential year, as it is possible to crowd into 72 pages. 25 cents. The January number of the Printers' Cabinet, published quarterly by that sterling typo, and caterer for typos, Sterling P. Bounds, of Chicago, is beautiful in appearance and brim f uil of good things. But, then, if Bro. Eounds wouldn't dweil so long on his travels in such attractive regions or display so many tempting piinter's appliances, he wouldn't excite so much envy in the breasts of his impecumous fellow craftsmen. The Kepublicans in the House improve every opportunity to throw firebrands - that is what the " organs " delight in oalling them - into tne Democratie camps. If the opportunity don't offer to stir up some slumbering but belligerent ex-Confederate, they ignore their own party record on the finanoe question, and with Mrs. Chick " inake an effort " to force the Demócrata to make a record that they can take advantage of, or at leasi to sow the seeds of diacord in the Democratie ranks. Mr. Kasson, of Iowa, is the last man to try to take the buil by the horns, by moving, on Monday last, to suspend the rules and put the following resolutions on its passage : Resolved, That the constituüonal authority of Cougress to coin mouey and to regúlate the value thereof, and of foreign coiu, does not include the authority to issue paper of the government as money, and in the judgment of the House the Constitution nowhere confers on (Jongress the power to issue in time of peace the promises or obhgations of the government as legal tender in payment of debts. Resolved, That any legislation touching the legal tender currency of the government should keep steadily in view the resumption of specie payments, and should tend to enhance the value of that currency for the redemption of which the faitli of the United States has been pledged to its citizens. To put a few " soft money " Demócrata in a tight spot, Mr. Kasson was willing to brand the present issue of greenbacks as unconstitutional and 8purioua, ever iu the face of the decisión of a Republican Supreme Court (a court paeked to procure such a decisión) that the legal tender aot is oonstitutional. But the Democrats, the mover refu8ing to] let the resolutions go to the Committee on Banking and Currency, Toted nearly solid against suspending the rules. Mr. Kasson's little game to divide was blocked. The State Press Association held its annual meeting at Lansing on Tuesday, with an attendance of only twenty-two members. A committee was appointed on a Centennial excursión to Philadelphia, and another one on the best soale of advertising rates. We regret our inability to be present.