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Desiring to increase the ciroulation of the Aritos in every towu in the county, we ranke the followmg liberal ofFer : For 30 subücribers at $1.50 each, or Ï 15, the cash to accompany the order, wa will give tlie canvasser a Heokekdobn JPlow, completely equipped, either No. 4, 7, 8, or 10, the retail price betas $18, 19, or $20- according to numler. For 70 subseribers at f 1.50 unen, or Í105, the caah to accompany the order, a Wolvkkink Cultivator, tho lowept retail price of which is $40. These implemento aro the manufacture of the Aun Arbor Agricultural Compauy and have no superior iu the market, and we should be glad to furnish one or more ou the tenns íiamed to 3ome cauvasser iu each town in the couuty,- or to canvassers ín adjoiniug counties. An active farmer in want of a plow or cultivator can easily earn one in a few days : and uow is the time to lo it before spring vork opens. Specimen copifs of the Arous will be furnished frec to any one desinng to make a trial. The subscribers may be Demócrata, Bejiublicans, Liberáis or " Ketormers," and may take as tnany other local or couuty papers as they please Their namcs and the money are ■what we want. It' living out of the county 15 cents additioual will be required tor rrpt iitient of postage. Who will earn the flrst pluw or cultivator? E. B. Poxd. Aon Arbor, Maren 1, 1876.