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Revised Charter And Ordinances

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In ctober last the Comraon Council of this city dopted a resolution autliorizmg and directing ie City Attorney to revise and compile the rdinances of thia city, and to have the same jublished with the charter and its ameudnents. The order has been complied with nd the resulting volume, a book of 148 pages, s now betore us. The amendments to the harter have been inserted in the appropriate laces, with foot notes citing number, page; te, of the amendatory statute. If side notes ould have been added, indicating subject of ection, as in the session iaws, the convenience ould have more thau compensated for the xtra expense. However, a very full index wíll facilítate the looking up of the various rovisions. The ordiuauces have been collaed mto titles and chapters by the grouping of rdinancea pertaining to the same or similar ubjects ; the date of the passage of each orinance being given at the head, nnd amended ectioiis being incorporated in their proper lace, with foot notes giving date of amendnent. A few of the ordinunces have been reised, and the compiler assures us re-enacted nd republished. The work oí going through ie records of the Council - tliere being no secial rolunie of ordinances,as there should e, in which new ordinances are recordod as msscd, with date of jiaasage and publication - ïas been great and appears to have been aithfully done, though of course we have not tested the work of the compiler by an exainnatiou of th records. The volume it cerainly an miprovement on auy former compiiation, and by consulting its page city officers and others will know what the ordinances are. ilr. McReynolds gives credit to his partner, J. Q. A. Sessions, for voluable assistanoo in his work.