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At least sach is the op Ld ion of a Canadian, who writes the followirig letter rora Kingston, Canada, to the Chicago Times : As muoh interest prevails,especially on liis continent, as to the probable dernand f or wheat, I take the liberty of ending you a few very carefnlly comjiled figures, showing that the quantity n sight is ampie to supply every want o the end of the present cereal year, and mees in yourniarket must decline unless he weather here and in Europe proves most unpropitious for raising cereals. At the commencement of the present ereal year (8ept. 1, 1875), the stocks of breign wheat and flour in Great Britain vere equal to 1,100,000 quarters ; imports to Feb. 23, 1876, were 7,723,830 uarteïs, and the out-turn of the marketble home-grown erop, taken at a minimina estímate, -is 10,500,000 quarters. 'here is at the present date 1,066,650 :Uarters afloat for direct porta and porti of cali in the United Kingdom. This is xclusive of steamer shipmenta from America and sail and steamer shipmente rom the Baltic ports. Last year's consumption of wheat anti lour in the United States was equivalent ;o 21,350)000 quarters. Suppose we ömpute this year'e consumption at 22,00,000 quarters, which leaves say ,000,000 quarters to be provided, and ï o not think England will experience any ifficulty in getting this quantity even at much lower prices than are at present ffering. Odessa alone has nearly 2,000,000 quarters (most of which is of iie 1874 erop) in store, which must be hipped in the spring. Bemember, France is not a competitor with England this year (as she has been br the past two or three years) for foreign supplies ; on the oontrary, she can easily afford to export over 2,000,000 [uarters, and is only waiting untü the ;rowing crops present a favorable spring appearance to 5o so. I am strongly of the opinión that nothing can prevent the downward tenlency of wheat, except war or a wet and old spring and summer. I remain, 'ours truly, Mabk Lanb.


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