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The resumption of Specie Paymsnts would ooit oraething, but it it the oheapest way out of hard times, and a reliable currency will be the graat reward of those who aam it. We have already paid the great part of the penalty. The politiciaus who are tryitig to elect a President under false pretens es are in the way. - Cincinnati Commercial (Ind.) To sum up the situation in a few words, it can be only improvad by the Demócrata themaelves, who need to go back to their principies and truditiona, putting a Hard-Mouey, Free-Trade and Home-Rule oandidate upon a HardMouuy Home-Rule and Free-Trade platform. Nothing less will gire us the ghost of a ohanoe to beat the Republicana, becauae nothing less is consonant either with our duty or with tbe faots of contemporáneos hiatory. - LouüvüU Cvurier-Journal (Dein.) Had the Republican party been halfway liberal toward the South, it liberality would have been acoepted as magnanimity, and it would have been no difficult task for it to retain politioal supremacy in this aeotion. A lost opportunity ia nerer regained, and both Morton and Blaine aee it and know that the only hope of oontiuuing the Repnblican party in powet ia to keep up the apirit of aectional animoaity which fint gare that party life and without which it would be a hideoua oorp se to-morrow. - Memphi Appeal (Dem.) The aad and terrible story told in our Washington despatohea might well make everjr American oitizen hang hia head in helplesa ahame, were it not that the remedy ia in our own hand and the time for ita applioation so near. For our aelf-respeot as a people, we may pray that tnia oorruption, already reaching within the White House, may not include in ist foulnesa the President through whose weakneaa and aelfiahneaa and ooneeit all thia ahame haa been made posaible. - Botton Pott (Dem.) The Oincinnati Commercial is not sueering at Governor Tilden ao much aa it was. It ha diacovered that the man who haa New York at hia back, who oan apeak for New Jersey and Conneotiout with more oonfidence than any other man of hia party, who has commended himaelf as no other man has done tu the Democracv of the Paoific coast, and who stands for a positiva Hard-Monay policy aa against the Western oompromisers, ia not a oandidate to be sneered at. - Springfleld Iiepublican (Ind.) The politioans of New Mexico, hungry gentlemen who are fairly athirst for Senatorial honors, are again applying to Congreaa to admit their bailiwick as a State into the Union. New Mexico not only haa no claim for admisaion as a State, but she ia not fit for auch honora. If there were no offices for hungry aapiran ta dependent on her admisston, there would be found but few to advocate it. - Doylestown (Pa.) Democrat. A mernber of the oabinet has been convioted of taking biabes. That ia a piece of news which has already made the oirouit of the world, and whose eohoea will come back to us f uil of scornful reproach for many a day. It assumea the character of a national disgrace, and aa such touchea the American people without distinction of politica. - New York Timet (Rep.) It ia the game thingiu every department from the President down. Bribetaking, plunder, larceny, Grantism ia the rule everywhere. The only really honeat man is Bristow, whom Grant haa just been violently threatening to kiok out, but has not dared to do it. - Neu York 8un (Ind.) The St. Louis Republican saya, editorally gpeaking, that there are persons in St. Louia who, three daya ago, were ready to give evidenoe agaiast Belknap, but now refuse to do so for fear they will be prosecuted for buying the tradershipa which the Secretary aolil.


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