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Improved And Strengthened!

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THE HECKElöRN PLOfT FOB 1876. The Oheapest and Most Efficiënt Plow Now in Use. The celebrated Heckcndorn Plow, whioii has been a w arded premiums at the Michigan State Falrs of 1869, 1870 and 1875, has this season been improred by making the moldboard separate from the standard. This gires tb plow more durability and greater strengt h. H is now the lightest draft plow In use, and we think is unriralled in the fteld. Ita peculiar self-sharpening point Ís the simplest and most econotnical plow known to plow-makers. lts ruTersible share is a feature of great importance, as it doubles the lasting power of an important part of the plow. The land-side and mold-board combined cut a rhombofdal or diatnond-shaped furrow that requires the least draft to turn, and the wear of both is diminished. Applications for this plow and for deacriptions of it inay be made to the 1572 ANJT AR KOK AGRICULTIRAL WORKS, Ann Arbor, Mlch.


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