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Doings Of The Common Council

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Council mat in regular sMion on Monda; erening, with a f uil Board present. Minutes oí last meeting read and approved PETITI0N3. Of W. H. Besimer, and otters, for the con structiou of a plank sidewalk on west side o Fourth street, between Aun street and the M C. B. B. To Sidewalk Coinmittee. Uf B. A. Beal, for permission to lay water pipes along Miller Avenue and Catharine street for the purpose of supplying cisterna at his buildiug on Main street with water. Grantec on condition that streets be left in proper condition. Of J. C. Schumacher, and others, for opening of au alley south from Liberty street, on block batweeu Main and Second street. To Street Committee. Of Orrin Holman, for compensation for damages sustained by reaaon of a defectivo sidewalk. To City Attorney. BEPOBTS OP STANDING COMMITTEES. Financè - Becommeuding the allowance of the followiug bilis : GENERAL FUND. Aon Arbor Gas Light Co., gas and lighting street lanips, quarter ending Jan. 1, '76 8363 62 A. H. Herrón, services aa Marshal, Ac, 69 35 J. G. Johnson, pólice services, 58 00 J. W. Maroney, pólice services, 58 00 Mike Stierle, lighting 13 olí lampa, 6 50 John Collins, lighting 24 oil lamps, 12 00 Eli S. Manly, lighting 13 oil lainps, 6 60 Frank Woodruff, lighting 13 oil lamps, 6 50 A. Herz, supplies for 5th ward engine house, 1 70 J. W. Brooks, burying dead dog, 50 J. Atkinson, cutting wood for engine hous@, 2 00 Mrs. Atkinson, cleaning Council room, 2 00 John Mooie, juror 100 S. P. Foster juror, 1 00 N. B. Colé, juror, 1 00 Thos. Wilkinson, juror, 1 00 Enoch Terhune, juror, 1 00 Henry A. Treuiaine, juror, 1 00 GEHERAL STUEET FUND. A. Herz, nails for river bridge, 1 10 POUBTH WARD FUND. Peter Cary, 2 days labor on streets, 3 50 SIXTH WARD FUND. John Cook, drawing gravel, 1 00 Chas. Adaius, work on Btreets, 1 00 crrr poor fund. C. Krapf, wood, Ac, 13 80 Antón Eisele, wood, 5 00 Benj. Brown, wood, 15 50 John Clancy, groceries, 10 09 Jacob Volland, wood 8 25 Dr. C. Georg, medical services, 14 00 N. B. Colé, wood, 15 00 John G. Gall, meats, 2 75 Theodore Taylor, groceries, 2 50 L. Colby, groceries, 3 00 Ann Clarken, house rent for P. O'Kief, 6 00 Dean A Co., groceries, 2 14 Einsey A Seabolt, groceries, 21 37 W. H. Mclctyre, groceriea, 3 02 Antón Eisele, wood, 7 50 Edward Duffy, shoes, 1 75 Henry Matthews, meats, 2 00 John Goetz, groceries, 7 94 X. Zachmann, meats, 1 00 Aug. Herz, groceries, 3 17 L. Gruner, shoes, 4 00 Dr. G. L. Stone, medical services, 2 50 Dr. C. Backus, medical services, 2 50 Eberbach A Co., medicines, 4 50 John Kapp, medical services, 10 00 Beport accepted, bilis all owed, and warrant ordered drawn for their amouuts. Street- To whom was referred the petitions for the extensión of Churchand Monroe streets, in Sixth ward, reported progress, and asked for further time. Further time granted. FEOM CITY OFFICEB3. City Attorney reported the completion ot the ccimpilation and printing of the charter and ordinauces of the city ; also that the work of compilation and superTision was greatly in exceas of his expectations at the time of the commencement of the work, that the amount of compensation appropriated, $100, was inadequate for the labor performend, and asked the Council to appropriate such additional sum as they should see fit. Aid. Besimer moved that the matter of compensation to City Attorney for services in compiling and superiutending the printing of the charter and ordinances, be referred to committee of three, to report at next meeting. Adoptad, and Aid. Besimer, Hogers, and Ferdon appointed such committae City Marshal submitted report for the month of February. Whole number of arrests, 15 ; tor the following crimes : Drunk and disorderly conduct, 5 ; violation of saloon ordinance, 3 ; druukenness, 2 ; disorderly persons, 2 ; violation of Sunday ordinance, 1 ; vagrancy, 1 ; larceny, 1. Also, amount of warrants drawu on poor fuud, $100.54 ; distributed among the several wards, as follows : First ward, $15.00; second, Í11.98 ; third, $17.81; fourth, $16.71 ; fitth, $34.32 ; sixth, $4.72. Recorder aubmitted his annual report of the receipts and expenditures of the city for the fiscal year ending Feb. lst, 1876. MISOKLLANEOUS. Leave being granted, Mrs. D. S. Wood, in behalf of the Ladies' Charitable Union, addressed the Council with refereuce to the support of Mrs. Wm. Rapalje, a lady 72 years of age ; stating that a life home could be securcd at the Home for Women, in Detroit, for the sum of $150, a part of which sum would be contributed by the Ladies' Uuion, and asked that the balance be appropriated by the Counoil. On motion of Aid. King the matter was referred to tbe City Attorney and Marshal, to report at uext meeting. This being the meeting to which persons opposed to the proposed extensión of Church and Monroe streets, in Sixth wards, were notified to appear and give reasona why gaid streets should not be extended, and several such persous being present, an opportunity was given for them to be heard. Dr. K. S. Smith stated that he was not opposed to the extensión of Church street, nor could he see any particular advantage to be derived from suca extensión, stiil he would give the right of way across lands owned by him provided that full compensation should be granted to two widow ladies, acrost whose land such street would pass, the value of their lands being about $1,500. But to the extensión of Monroe street he was decidedly opposed, there was no (Iemand for such oxtension, nor any public benefit to be derived thorefrom. The proposed street is within some five or six rods of a regularly laid out parallel street, one which will furnish all needed accommodations to the people of that section of the city. Prof. TenBrook said he had endeavored to ascertain the reason for the proposed extensión of Monroe street, and had heard as the only reason that it would make a pleasant drive. There was no demand for building lots upon the lands along the proposed street ; that there are a number of laid out streets in that vicinity upon which no work had ever been done by the city. The damage to his lands would be at least $2,500, and the damage to othor parties would make the total some $5,000 or $6,000- which the city would have to pay - and then would follow the necessity of a large expenditure of raoney to work such street. The Council was also addressed by Prof. M. L. D'Ooge and others in opposition to the extensión of Monroe street ; and by Messrs. McMillen, Uidley, and others, in favor of the extensión of Church street. Aid. Besimer offered a resolution that the report of the Recorder, of the receipts and expenditures of the city for the past year, be published for two weeks in succession in the Ann Arbor Register, and that the same be paid for at legal rates. To which resolution Aid. Seabolt offered an amendment, that the publisation of the Recorder 's report should be let to the Iowest bidder. Amendment adopted, yeas, 7 ; nays, 6. The resolution as amended was then adopted. Leave being granted, the Council was addressed by Supervisors Krapf and Brown relative to their removal from the care of the poor and the appointment of the Marshal to perform such duty. By Aid. Hogers, the following resolution, which was adopted : Resolved, That this Council fully exonérate the Supervisors of this city from any censure that may have been cast upon them, by reason of their removal by this Council from taking care of the city poor. Adjourned to next Monday evening. All persons are hereby notified that they should procure a bottle of Dr. Kisg's New Discovery for Coughs and Colds, if they would be speedily cured.