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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tueöday, Feb. 29.- Senate.- The Chair laid before the Senate a message froni the President, accompanied by a conimunication from tho Secretary of the Interior, iu reartf to tho defleieacy of supplies at tiiu liea Cloud Agency. Both urged imiücdiato aclton on Ihe eatimates for that purpone, in order that the Tndlans may have no rcason for an outbreak. Orderecl prlnted, and referrcd.... Süerman, from the Finance Comniittce, reportad aüversely on the bill permitting national banks to organizo with a capital of $6D,UO0. The bill, with the adverse report, was orde red on the calendar. Morton rose to a personal explanation with regard to the teetimony of J. Ij. Lyon bef ore the House Couiiaitte on Forein AiTair, as to hls (Morton't) comiection wJth the Ëniiua Mine aJTair. The Senator etated that in 1871 he was offered a fee of $20,000 a cowmtel in the caBc, ■which lio had pronilfled to consider iavorably; but upon ascertaiuing that tie could not, asa Senator, properlytake part in it, he declined to go to Salt Lake City, where a meofrïnff wflü appoiutod. It was Senator Stcwart who made him the olTer, anü.upin his bccoming satiaiied that the'object of the i3ariies was to secure his political influencc for the rtmoval of Judgo McKean, he decliued to have anything to do with the matter. . . . The West Point Appropriation bill was pasBed as it canie from LUf' Appropriation Comniittee of the Seüate, but it differB from lh.e bill ae it canie from tho House. Tho amendment adopted by tlio Hous'c for'thfi pay of the band- $14,880 - was nonconcurred in. House.- The President's niesnago in regard to iiidiati appropriatioiiö .wa laid beforo the HSQsè, 92O. ref erred.... Kelly, by imanimous consent, introduocd a bill eniixwcnug the Secretary of thu Interior, the Secretary of the Sniitbsouiaai Institnir. aiifl thft TJhriLriaii of Contiress to renort to I i l r , i i p i j i i i i i ' i upa ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' i- % ■ - a ■ vv the House bucU measureft as will most effectively restore the writing in the original manuscript of the Dcxlwration of Inïr:pE;ndunco, witli tlie Higtiaturts ajipeiided thgreto, whioh is nQwín tfaO Vatent )ff:i ■'■'.... 'I Ín1 Iloi'i4. ,nt i uto committ'0 ni the whült.' n tho bilí granting pcntions to the soldiera of the war of 1812. Wednesday, March 1.- Señale.- Frolinghuyscn; frora thc Comtnittec on Agrionlture, rcported advernely üji tUe Senate bilí to próvido f or un invcstígtitlon as to the habita of the Rocky Mountain lociifttB or so-called "granphoppcru' and it waa indertnitely pontpnued. Úe aleo reportcd from thè Eaine t;oiamittep, favurably, on thft öcnate bilí for the protüction of agriculture againit injuripus Lnseots, with ameudments, which'was o?derod to be prioted and the bilí placed on thc calendar Aft-r debate, the Sonate passcd, without aiüendment, (he Honso bilí appropriating $TCO,!)O0 for the liiirchataiití of ni;Lt'-rial and continuation of the worTc on llic building for a CuKtom House and Potoffice at St. Iouíb A bilí was pasfed authorizing tho purchaeo of additional ground for tho Custoiu House at Nafshville. . . On uiotion of Morton, the Sonate took op the, resolution for the admisaion of i'inchliaek as Scmator from Ixíuisíana, but aftor Borne debate, particijiattíd in bv Alcorn, Norwood, nul Kdmunds, the Seuate went into executive eession. Umixc. - A reBOÏution was adopted instructing the Judiciary Comniittee to inquirc what legialation is ncccuHary to secure indemnitv for the Uuited States ! ir 1 interest on the pubsidy boud of the Paciüc liatlway Company, and alno to secure indemnity againet tho liability of the Uuited Staten to pay the principal ; alao, to what extent the rats oí freight aiul tríinsportatiou ou thOBe roada can be regulated by Congress fio as to nlakè theni lose burdenKome to the nuhlic. Jf mJm TuunsDAYf March 2. Smate.-Tlie proceedinga in thfi Senate wsn wholly devoid of interest. House. - The only business of iinportance in the Iïoubc van the prcBontation by Clymer of articleB of injptatlujicnt ajiaiupt Sci-rotary liülkiiap. The resolutiouH wero unanliuously adoptcd. FitiDAY, Marcli 3. - Senate. - At 1 o'clock Uu; comuiittco of tlie HoubO of Repreeentativeö, couiposed of Mnaers. Clymer, Robbine, Blackburn, Bass, aud Daufortb, appoarert at the bar of the tíeiüite and vero anuoiuiccd by Sergeant-at-Arma Frcnch. Dpon beiog recoguized by tha l'residcnt pro tem. of the Senate, Ir. Clynier Raid : "ïttt. President, in obodiecee to the order of the House of Representativos, we appcar before yon ; and ín the name of the líenme of KepreBentativeH and of all the peoplo of the United Btates of Anicrit-a, wc do uupeacü Win. W. Bolknap, late Sc'cretary of War of J,thp United States, of high crimen and miniton te anorn ff hile in oftlce ; and wc forthe1 btforai the eïiatr that the House ui lïpprepetatives will in due time exhibit Mi'fcide-t of iiopeiU'Umt-ut uaint him, and mako rooíI -the amo, and in thelr i amc vu demand tbat the Seríate tako order for the appcarance oí the Biiia IVm. V. ÏMknnp to anAwer." Mr..Fcrry, the PreMdent protón, of me i'enato, naid : "Mr. Ohairwan aiid Gentlemen of tho Coiumitiee: The Neiiate wlll takc order in the promiBos." The committce then retirad. Kduuind then subnütted the followlng : "Orderort, That the message or the ilouüe of Iicpresentatives rclatiim lo tho irapeaehmout of W. W. Belknap bo referred to a select coniruitteo tn conaist of live Senators." The order wan adopted, ti'id thb Pi-eBidcnt pro te', annotlncefl as the .Select Committce Mesure. Edmunds, Conkling, JTrclinghviyscn, Tuinman, and Stcveneon Bills were introdiieed by Ilaiulin ilxing the rate of poftago on third-clasa ïuatii'i', and liy ltobertüon torestore tho franking privilegn Morton, (rom the Cominitteo on l'nvñeges and ElcctionB, reportad favorably on the Seüatc bill to provide for and reg'ilate tho oounUng of votca for ITenident and Vicc-Presldcnt, alul tho de oieion of questions aiising thcreon. Placed on tho calendar Adjourncd 1111 Monday, (ith. IIiium.- tüymnr, Ohairman of the Impeaohitldnt CouüQittco, tnado the follBwlng i-ppórt ! ' In o'icdiencö to loe order oí tne Howae, we proceeded to tho bar of the Sonate, ánd, in tho name of ihis House and of all tbo peoplo of the Uaitcd States of America, we iumeachcd. afl we were direeted to, W. W. Belknap, late Secretary of War of the Umtpd Statos, of high crimes and mlsdemeanors while in office ; and we de mande d that the Senate hall take order to make hini appear beforc that body to answer for the same, aiid aüuouncod that the House would soon present articles of impcachment, anti make theni good; to which response was made: ' Tho oxder shall bo taken.'"., ..:No other buBinosa of importance was tranaacU'd. Satuuday, March 4.y-Sen&te. - Not ia ession. House.- The Houso, as customary on Sahïrdas, met for debate onlj% Speecliee weire made to empty ïencheB by tteagan, Ward and .tacobs on the Ua- waiiaa treaty, and by Woodworth on tho subject o bountics. Monday, March 6. - Senaf- Edmunde, from the Holect cou).niit:ec ïo which waa refeïred tne reeolutioh and measage from the Uovse in reyard to the impeachment of Belknap, reported a treambl6 and resolution, declaring. that the íácnate will takc order in the premises, according to its Btandinjï rule, and directtng the Socrctary to notify Üio House of IïepresentativeR. Agrced to. . . - A rcaolution was adoptcd cnlling on the Secretary of the Interior for a Ktattment ohowing tbc aiinual eiijenditupefi of tho Indian Burertu Bincc its orgatiieation. Bogy delivefed a long sjieech in support of bis finnnce bill, introduced early in the session. Sherman also addressed tho Senate upon the nuances, opposing the repeal of the ReRumption act, - Randall iutroduced a bill to declare the iinimmity of wiinPssPs for the tTnitïd Slates. It provkles that a WitüeüB sliall not be liable to arrest at any time after he hae been subpeeuaed, or after testifying ; that he ahall never be convictcd on account of any matter disclosed bv him in liiK tcstimony, and that it s)iall be a penal offenso to inÜuiid-U or attaxupt to intimídate any witness by threatening him with prosecution Morrieou introduced a billtoexempt from criminal prosecution witnesseH tcstifying beforeCongresflionalCommittecB Williams (Buoh.) intreduced a resolution froni the lowa Logitilaturo, proponing an amendment to the Conetitution to for membrrs of Coïitess holding their eata lor thfeo ycars, one-third of the ïiumbür" tö vacate their seats cach ycar Kcsohitions wero ofl'ered by liuckncr and Knott, and adopted, lookiiiR to investigations in the affairs of Uie District of Columbia, and the alleged colluRÏon of Attorney-Öcneral Picrrei)ont with Babcook'B counsfil. _____„


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