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W ouhl you have the shining metal ? Ho nót per thp wideworld roam, Vditötnr. a fleefifng piiantom- Staj' and dig f': H tóm(. Do not hecd Ule inrInK ntnry Treasures dtHtant iiillsidis hold ; Ten adventiirurs, dlKappointed, Stand for (■very ouncc of gold. Wisüini rtlll iorsomcUiing bcttcr Many 1 ancien tkí'H tí11 foafi Moiintatus uf the yellow loil ;i In the disUnco gold appcar. And the longíug Í8 contagiouB, Dri'ikiug from a leadcn cup, To the meftüB of grander living, On liiRnvrnyB W pink it "P. But dame f firttine i too fictóe In her train ifar to roam, WmtIiI yoo win golden tronsurc Stiywd dip f'ir it nt h"ïiie: In the land that lio s lieforc yon Find your woalth by honest toil ; gieyer votary disappointed Rightly noughi the generouB eoll, Only iaiut, weak hcarts repining Cast away the gond at hand ; Fortuno's aniilc will rnrely srowQ thpm Scmght for in a digtant land. Bat suci-'esB rides on before yoti, tirapplo it and ytnt wül win ; Lo ! e'en now, the mists are ntüag And the tides aro rushing in. Let no forelgn epcfliti"ii Lxiro your rcntless steps te' tnam, Gold is nearer than the niountaili, Stav and dig for it at home.


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