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Secretary Bristow

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In striking contrast to the usual Washington display one finds Secretary ' tow quiotly living in a house on K street whicli is by no means spaoious or splendid. Now and then he gives a quict dinner to a few friends, and Mis. Bristow has held her regular Wednesday receptions ; but there has never boen any attempt at show, any apparent desiro to rival or outshine others. Yet Mrs. J tow is au heiress in her own right to hundredsof thousauda; sheisuuiversally adrnired and dearly loved by all who know her; so it is not quito necessary to be dishonest. There is only this faet. Where eocial position and dignity are a matter of heritage; whero the signet of refmement and honor is legibly written, and the consciousness of their possession innate, there is very littlo thougkt given to outward assertion of pre-eminenoe. ƭn carrying out our beloved republicanism we "are too apt to fol'get this; we like to sneer at theold phrase, "noblesse obliga ;" ve Uke to assert that one man is as good as another, if not a little better, till some day, when we havo exalted our pet ideas into practical demoristration wb flud tliedemoƱstration tumbling bef ore us. -


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