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A Domestic Sorrow

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Here is a characteristic conversation which occurred some time since between a certain Mrs. Smith and a Mrs. Jones. The husbands of both belong to the Blank Club, and npon a certain occasion the two wives niet and talked over their grievances. Said Mrs. Jones: "My dear, do you know that 1 am unhappy ?" "No, dear, I had not the remotest idea of any thing of that kind. You are living in such luxury and ease that I supposed you to be the happiest of ïnortals." " Oh, no, I never think of that, for I am too,.too unhappy." " What makcs you so unhappy ?" "Oh, never mind, dear; it does not concern any one in the world but myself ; but I amdreadfully unhappy. I i pose that I am the most unhappy person who lives." " Do teil me what it is." " Well, my dear, if you will know, it is this: My husband goes out and stays all night long at the club and plays cards. Ain't that dreadful ?" Mrs. Smith gazed at Mrs. Jones very , calmly and placidly and pityingly, and then remarked: " My dear Mrs. Jones, I yas absolutely frightened; I wagalarmed. I shnddered for fcar you were about to relate some terrible mystery. You are 'not half as unhappy as I am. I am the most unhappy, miserable woman that ever lived." " What !" eaid Mrs. Jones, " you unhappy, and so nmch admired and caressed by fciety." " Yes; the most heart-broken woman , you ever knew. " "What can be the cause of this ?" " Well, Til teil you, my doar. You S(JB my husband goes out and stays all i night, and - well, he sfcaya all night and tries to 'play carda, but can't. Those othei fellows beat him evcry night." - Boston Couricr. The Corrpctional Tribunal of Remen ■ has ju-it bo called upon to decide a case which i w Séttled a long disputed question, vi'. , whether sclling skimmecl milk was a breach of the law. The court decidèd in the affirmative, deelaring that milk witliout its cream must be OOfisid ered as adultoratcd.


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