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A Spring Sttig. Blithely breaks the ruorninfí With a warmer beam ; Now, O Earth, awaken From thy winter dream ! From aome land of beauty, Where the swallow's wing Kests on balmiest zephyrs, ComcB tfe radiant spring. Odorous southern bfetzcs With her garlauds play, And the sullen snow-clouds Slowly drift away. In the woods and valleys Water softly flowp, AAd its silvery murmurs Greet her as she goes. By the buddíng hedgerows, Tfirough the meadowB sweet, Bñght-eyed, starry daisíes Springing round lier feet, "With the fragrant violeta To her warm lipa pïest, And the timid snowdrops tiewtling in her breast. Many á shfinking flow'rot From its nooll Rhe wiles With her tears, more pr&fiioTïs Than her sunniest smiles. Quickly will the forest Weave a leafy maze, Ere Hio eun eau peek them With too ardent gaze. Haste then, Earth, arouae thee ! Bid thy wild birds eing ; Let tbem give a welcome To the gentle spring !


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