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An excellent remedy for sore mouth is sage tea, sweetened with honey. It is good for cbapped lips. Sponge Pudding. - Three eggs, the ■weight of the eggs in butter, sngar and flotir. One teaspoouful of eream of tartar, and half a teaspoonful of soda. Is beat with wine sauce. Caledonian Ckbam.- Tlie whites of two eggp, two spoonfuls of loaf sugnr, two of raspberry jam, two of currant jelly; all to bo beaten togcther until so thick the spoon will stand alone in it. A Good Haib Oil.- Take lord and castor oil, in equal paite, flavored with ' bitter almonds. It is very good. A ■ pint of sage te, with a gilí of bay rum, tablespoouful of aalt, and a dozen drops ' of animonia, is uh good a remedy forfall ing hair as exists. Chimge tlie parting ! of ton; never tits the hair or screw it up with pms. N'.'ver wear falae braids. In a word, treat your hair seneibly, and it wili not be likely to desert you. In case a knife or f ork handle gets loose, set the handle upon end, fill the cavity with pulverized rosin, then warm the small part of the knife or fork and insert it slowly, crowd it down firmly and hold it in right position until the rosin oools enough to set. As rosin is not soluble in water, hot or cold, the knives are not loosened. Where ivory handles have become ycllow thoy may be restored by soaking a few hours in a watery solution of sulphurous acid. The auid in a gaseous state should not be used, as it will be likely to make the handles crack. Caramem. - One-quarter pound of scraped chocolate, one ponnd of brown or white sugar, four tablospoonsfuls of molasses, one cup of mük, and a piece of butter size of an egg rolled in üour. Put all the ingrediente in a kettle exccpt the chocolate, and when boiling add that. Boil until it beoomes crisp when dropped into water. Then pour in buttered dishes, and when cold ent 111 squares. The caramels should be stirred after the chocolate is put in. To Bemovb Bust fbom Steel.- Dinner knives sometimes get rusty and may be brightened by covering with sweet oil; let it stand fór forty-eight hours and rub with unslaked lime, or powdered bricls. A fine grain red brick, finely powdered, is good for polishing kniveo. Whiting is an excellent article for cleaning and polishing silver, brittania, tin, etc., when properly used, making it look almost like new. They shonld first be rubbed with it wet, then polished with it dry.


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