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Roscoe Conkling, Grant's principal defender in the Senate, the ohampion ot overy job and the apologist of every crime of the Adininistration, is the choice of the Republicana of New York tor the Presidensy. This is what iscalled " Republican reform" - Baltimore Qazette. Concerning the statement that Senator Thurmau got $50,000 for nis services in a case of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, we have to say that the whole siöry was au unbridled and licentious misrepresentation, and, we inay add, totally at varianoe with the f acts. - Oincinnati Commercüd (Ind.) The Lancaster Convention niade short work of the Bourbons and the Pilgriin jobbers of the party. The Deinocracy of Pennsylvania has shaken off the shaukles of the past, and, clearing itself from the mire into which an imbeoile and dishonest leadership would havo brought it, Btands on firm ground at last - Philadelyhia Times (Ind ) The President's son, Pred., and Senator Sherman'8 son were bankers in Washington. The firm is dissolvod and Pred, (irant is orderei away to the army. It would be interesting to trace the connection betwuen the whisky trials and the Marsh revelations, and the quiet exodus of Bubcook frotn the White House and the restoration of Fred Grant. to his place in the ariny. - Boston Post (Dein.) On the whole, the Pennsylvania Domocrats did a good day's work yosterday in their State convention in Lancaster. There is much to criticisa aud soine things to quarrel with in their rosolutious, but they have at least abandoned the falso, uiischievouK and dangarous financial heresy which they last yenr borrowod from their brothreu in Ohio. They declare unequivocally their conviction that gold and silver coin is the unly r&al money in use among civilized peoples, and distinctly rejoct the doctrines of John Law, with whose inadneas they wero bitton so badly last autumn. This is a great gain, inasinuch is it helps, as far as the Pensyl vania Deniocrats can help, to elimínate a pestilent doctrine from our politics. - New York Evening Post. The bill inflicting severe punishment on three-card-monte operators has passfd the Iowa Legislaiure and become a law, notwithstanding the deteriftned opposition of gumblors, who not only tried to bribe sorno of the members but rosorted to stealing documents to delay its passage. Iowahitherto has been the paradise of these gamblors, who were in league with the train hands, and thus defied detection. It is of record that the notorious operator Canada Bill of:sred one company $10,000 a year for :he privilege of " working " its traius, agreeing to confine himself to clergy men.


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