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That Laboratory Deficit

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At the session of the Eegents held on Wednesday afternoon two reports were made from the committee appointed to investígate the laboratory accounts. The majority report was signed by Regents Olimie and Rynd, and states the methods pursued in making the investigations, and the resulta by years, from 1864-65 to and including 1874-75. Makitig certain deductions for interest aud services charged in account by Dr. Dougiaa, and, as the committee thought, iriegularly allowed by former boards or committees, the committee reached the conclusión tliat "the dift'erence between the receipts ot the cheimcal laboratory and the amount reported by Dr. Douglas is $8,523.46." But immediately iollowiug this sentence is the paragraph " We append a general bummary, shüwing the aniounts of money received at the chemical laboratory and the amount reported as such receipts, showiug a deficit of $6,984.01." W hich statement is corrtctwe cannot discover. The latter result is essentially reached by the minority report ol Kegent S. S. Walker, and the table referred to in the last seutence quoted, is embodied in his report. We shall give the figures more in detail another week. Neither report attempted to show whether the money unaccounted for was in the hands of Dr. Douglas or Dr. Rose, and both reports refuted the charge made that Dr. Douglas had received commission on purchasesof chemicals or apparatns - though Dr. Rynd subsequently repudiated his own report ad made such charges ulamst Dr. Douglas. Atter the report was made Mr. Beal was heard in behalf of Dr. Rose, and considerable discussion followeil, resulting in referring the matter to the Finauce Committee, Regent Estabrook benig substituted on the same instead of Regent S. S. Walker, with instructions to pursue the investigations and determiue,' if possible, whether the deficit is in the hands of Dr. Douglas or Dr, Rose. A resolution was also adopted, by a vote of 6 to 8,- Messrs. McGowau and E. C. Walker voting no - reinstating Di Rose and restoring his salary from the iata of suspension. The committee spoke in very complimentary terms of the ássistance rendered or work Jone by the accountant, Mr. . Tregaskis, and jhe assistant, Mr. McAUister. We trust that the Finance Committee Messrs. McGowan, Grant, and Estabrook) now having the matter in charge, will be able ;o reach the bottom facts, and until ït reports ne will oot pronouuce the verdict of guilty igainst either Dr. Douglas or Dr. Rose. Both itand on a par and each is entitled to a fair learing.