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The High School--junior Exhibition

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Despite the terrible storm prerailing at the time a fair-sized audience gathered in the Union School Hall on Friday eveniug last, - the occasion beiug the animal exhibition of the juuior class. ïhe following proramrae waa observed : MUSIC. PBAYER. MUSIC. 1. The Uses of History, C. H. Gole, Ann Arbor. 2. " Many a Little Makes a Mickle," Nellie M. Colmau, Ann Arbor. 3. Progresa, F. C. Cole, Ann Arbor. MUSIC. 4. Patriotism, Charlotte L. Hall, Ann Arbor. 5. The (Jood and Evil of Political Parties, William Galpin, Aun Arbor ïown. 6. Architecture, Maggie Morton, Ann Arbor MUSIC. 7. Public Opinión, Charles Freeland, Millersburg, Ind. 8. Christian View of Amusement, Ida J. Perry, Jeaup, Iowa. 9. Specie Paymeuts, W. O. Manson, Waverly, IU. MUSIC. 10. William the Sileut, Marión Thatcher, Aun Arbor. 11. Enthusiasm, John G. Schurtz, White Pigeon. 12. Jack Horner, Mattie Tenny, Ann Arbor. MUSIC. 13. Superstition, Fred M. Towusend, Ann Arbor. 14. Goethe's Margaret and Helena, Maggie Willsun, Belle Center, Ohio. 15. Specialty, Asa W hippie, Plymouth. MUSIC. BENKDICTION. The young ladies and gentlemen acquitted themselves admirably, and their essays and oratious were greeted with appreciative applause. The music was furuished by the University Sodality, and was well selected and rendered. The class from which the readers and speakers were selected numbers 67, and has reassn to feel proud of its representatives.