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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tüesday, March 21. - Senatc. - Cameron : (Wis.) prcHontcd a joint reeoJution of the ; Bin Legialaturo against bridging the MUniseippi river . ...Pttitions were presentid by Wright, Logan, Diiwes, Cooper, Sherman, Dorsey, Chrin(i;iu y, Iiigalls, Windoin and otliers, froni Üood Templan? and otlicr tempe-ranee organiza ti ons in their H6Teral Statep, all praying for tlio passage of a Prohibitory Liquor Lawin the District rf Colurnbia and tho Territories, and also for tlio passage of a law prohibí ti ng the use of liquors ainong thc officials of tho civil, military and naval service Allison, from the Committee on Appropriations, r-ported j back the West l'oint bilí, witli the recemmcndation I ihat the Seuatc adhere to it amenamente and awk for a cominittto of conference. Agreed to, and Allison, Iogan and Wallac? weTS ;i pointed a snob coDiinittee on the part of the Senate..., The Senate agaiu debated, without action, the bilí prescribí kíí the mode of limiting the Preeidentíal vote . Exfcutiw Session.- The Forotgn Belaüoos Committue reparte back tho nomination of Richard 11. Dana, Jr., to be Minister to Kngland, witli the recommondation that it bo not oonftfZQOd; It was placed on the calendar with the adverse report for future comrideratioii. Hnuxe. - Bright ofifered a rcsolution, insínicting tho Committee on Expenditnres in the Troasury ' Department to inquirí; into the management nnd dispowitíon of the captured and ab;indoned property. Adopted. . . ..loneB (Ky.), from the Committee on ltailroads and Cañáis, reported a bilí to authorisse tho Washington, Cíncinnati and St. Louis railroad to construct a narro w-gauge railroad from tide water to St. Loiiík un! Chicago. Recommitted Caulüeld, from the enmc committee, reported a bilí makiug it a mlsilémeftiior for auy person in the employ of the ITn j t 1 States to aoiicit or contribute ftmdfl for election pnrpoep, or to canvasa in any election ín auy State, county, or diHtrict in the United States. Jilaine offered an ainpndnif-nt to includc Senators, HcprcBenlative, and Delegates in Congress. and to add Lhe words-, M And ;otiti1bntion of money or other valuablo ilxines && herí-iu prohibitctl by any Senator, Koprepentativo, or Delégate in Oongress he is a oandiílate for Congress nhall, in addition to the penaltits h"rcin ■ esj-ribed, opérate as a alsquaUficatfOn to his holding his seat." Amendmenta wert; also offernd by Reagan, Hewilt of Alabama, and Brown of Keutucky, whioh aro to be i considero! vhon tho bilí ucxt comes up Tho llouae went iutoConiuiittee of the Whole, Cox ín the chalr, on the Ijegislative and Judicial Appropriation bl'l Kjeeches were made by Hnbbell agaiiist the Morriflon Tariíf bilí, and by Ffwtcr, of Ohio, a uifmberf tho Appropriation Conimittee in criticiozn of the retine ti tuñ proposed i;j tle T. ginlativc Appr:priation bilí, (ïlaiming that thf;y are of ro swecping a chaacter bh Beriously to impair the cffpctivo working of the vurioiiR dt'partmcrta of the Government. Holman deft-uded the bilí, and declarad that the cominittee in preparing it had bnt one object in ; view, and tbat was to make all proper and necessary reductionB aonatelwatrwMi cfiuvlyncy, and that no gWBQQAl r part tan conci(lc-i-ation had been displayed in tho action of the committee. Wednesday, March 22. -Sewafe.- The Sonate ' ïroceedings wcre vcry tamo, the bctter portion of ;ho session haring been consumed in discussing the bill to regúlate the mode of countïng the Presilential vote. No action was laken ou the bill. House, - Rico, f rom the Cominittee on Invalid Pensions, reportad a bill províding that all pensions on account of death wouneïs reccived or wounds contracted in the servico of tbc United States ríiico March 4, 1871, ahall comuience froin the date of the death or discharge and forthopaymentof the arría rs of the pension The House took up the .JmHcmry Coniniittee's bill prohïbiting eontributions to election funds by oil'icers of tlio United States Governinent, tho question bcing oii the amendment offored by Blaine to extend the applic&tfon of the bill to Senators, KeproBenlutives and Dclegates iu Con , a lenRiny debate ènoneft, Snflrieveïal atuc t "■ 1 - monta oiTored and adopted. The bill was ftually poseed- yens 173, naya 8, Tüürsday, March 23.- tenate.- The Seuato devoted anothor day, without i-ciiching a vote, to thn consideration of the bill prescribinL the inode of countiog the votes for President and Vice-Preflideiat. Uouêe.-k. 8. Williams (Mich.), froni tho Military Committee, report cd a bill authorizing conimiseionod offleers to mak o deposita nnder the act of May 15, 1872. Passed. . . . Alío a bill repealing tho law whlch forbids the appointmeut to any ponition in the ann y of any person who servcd in any capacity in the militury, naval, or civil service of the Confedérate States iu the late rebellion, pasaed Banning, from the same committco, reported a bill regulating the pay of army ofneers. The bill fixefl the pay aa follows : General, $1Ü,O O ; Lioutenant-generalt S8,0C0 ; grigad i er-gene rat, S!ï,0itO ; Colonel, $3,5'K) Í Liexitcnautcolonel, $3,000 ; Major, $2,500 ; Captain (monnted), $2,U00; Captain (not mounted), $1.800 : Adjutant, $1,800 ; First-lieutenant (uiouated), $1,600 : Kirnt-lieutfinaut (not mounterl), $1,500 ; Second-licutenant (niountcd), $l,'S00 ; Secönd-lleatenant (not mmmtr-d), $1,400 Phillips (Kaueas) introducid a bill for tho relief of scttlera on public lands within railroad limite Baker (Iud.) iutroduced a bill to promote tho mining resources of the TTntteíl States.... The ttonsé went into Committee of the "Wliole on the Logislativu, Executtve and Judicial Appropriation bill, ftni sevcral spetx-hea were delivered. Fiïiday, Jlarch 2i. - tenate. - The Chair laii: beforc the Sonate the Honen bill in relatton to polltioal coutributions. On motion of Ilowe, it was referred to the Coramittep on IrivilegeK and Elections.. ..The bill to regúlate tho counting of the FreBidential vote was paesed- yeas, 31; nayy, 2G. Hotute. - The mornïng hour was devoted to a wrangle bctween the Committee on Indian Aftairs :ind the Committee on Tcrritorics, as to a question of jurWdicfon over the bill reported by the Indian Committee providing for the organization of the new Territory of Oklahoma, while the remainder o; the day was devoted to the consideration of tbc General Approjirmtion bill. Honday, March 27.- tenate. -The Chaii laid before the Senato a commu ni catión from the Secretary of War inclosing communica tion from tho Commïssioner-gcneral of Sub ssstence, asking for a, defieiency appropriation of $300,000 for the ubaistence of the army Referred Tho Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation bill was under consideration, and au aniendment was adopted restoring t $17,000 each the H.tlarie-s of the ministers to Great Britain. France Germany, and lïussia Hamlin, from tho Com niitlee on Postofflces aud Postroads, reported a bil fixing the rate of postage ou third-class mail mal ter. It provides that the rate for third-classniai matter ahall be one eeut pf-r ounce for auy distance not exceeding lf0o0 miles, and two centa per ounce for distancee over 1,000 inilee ; and that traneieir newspapers and magazines shall pay postage for auy distince at the rate of one ceut fo evcry tb rif ouucea, aud ene cnt for each two ounces or fractional part of two ounces additioual Morton des:re4 to cali up his reeolutions directing an inve."tigation iuto the recent election in Misi-istii)pit but t e Senate rt-iused yeas, 28; nays, Uto take thein up for consideration A rciso-ution was adopted giving all Government employés a holiday on the 14lh of April, the occasion of the inauguration af the Lincoln monument. Houxe. - A bilí was iutroduced by Willis to reBtoro the national credit by funding the nou-interest bearing debt into 4 por cent. bonda, and to repeal ao much of the Rcsumptlon act as requires the Secretary of the Treasnry to redecm all oiitetanding legal tendero by Jamiary 1, 1879 A motiou to siispend tht: niks and pass what ia known as the Payne Klnancial bill was defeated - yeas, 81, all Pemocrats; nav8, 16, of whom 93 were Repubiicaus and 63 Demócrata.


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