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This Looks Suspicions, Tecumseh

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It ia becoming a question whether even a rog will be leffc of the repiitation for honor and integrity which army officers as a class have held as an inheiitaiice irom the better days of the Republic by the time the iconoclasta of the House get tbrongh with them. Gen. MoOook, of Sherman's staff, testifles thaf, he was sent to Texas once to investígate some suspected erookednoss in the conduct of lieynold, thejcommandantof that district. He fonnd even more tlian was expected, for Reynoldo rppearedtobe in collusion with all the ccutrwitors in that región, and sharing in their g'aiüSi The result of the inquiry was c eported to the War Depajtinent, but Reynolds appeared to have friends there, for he was merely transferredtoanotherñeld. Itwas all wrong, of course, for Belknap to pass such a case without punishment. But Sherman commands the army. His stafifoffloer reported the oase, and he must have knriwn all abont it. Why did he not order a courtmartial of Beynolds then ? Why does hë not order it now ? !f Belknap is guilty of neglect of dtityj


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